Handbooks, Manuals, and Articles by Dan Hughes

The Metal Detecting Manual - An insider's look at selecting a detector, tricks of getting permission to hunt prime areas, the tools you need for maximum results and efficiency, getting maximum depth, research secrets, relic hunting, beach hunting, coinshooting, cache hunting, gold hunting, treasure clubs, the most extensive list ever of places to hunt, and a whole lot more.  My best-selling manual, easy to read, fun and informative.  

Managing and Coaching Adult Slowpitch Softball - The only instruction book offering complete coverage of park district, church, and recreational league slowpitch softball for adults. Includes sponsor-finding, fund raising, and detailed duties of the manager and coach.

Note:  The above manuals are available ONLY from this website.  They are not sold in stores, and Amazon and other online booksellers do not have them and cannot get them, unless they buy them from this site at the same price you pay.

Dan Hughes Autographs - My other business.  Thousands of autographs in all fields, most at below-retail prices.

Dan's Miracle Diet (not a sales pitch!) - On this diet I dropped from 185 lbs to 149 lbs in three months.  Here's how.

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