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Unlike other books about managing softball, this book is for the people who run adult teams.  It contains nothing about being a positive influence on young minds.  

From the book:  "Books on coaching Little League keep reminding you that you are making impressions on young people that will last a lifetime.  They say things like, 'As the sapling is bent, so grows the tree.'

But my saplings had been bent long ago, and trying to bend them back was not a job I was willing to undertake.  Not without power tools."

This book has no boring, repetitive drills that make players skip practices, and no diagrams of what the third baseman does on a hit to center with two on and one out.  Those topics are well-covered in the softball books you already own. 

Instead, my book covers such unique and practical topics as: 

And a whole lot more.   See the full Table of Contents.    

In the first few pages you'll learn:

Here's a more complete list of topics covered in the book.

Written for the newbie manager (but veterans will pick up new tricks too), this book is easy to read.   One reader said, "I haven't read a book in fifteen years, but this one I couldn't put down." 


A pre-publication copy of this book sold for $38.00 on eBay.

The eBay auction winner of the pre-publication copy checked in with this testimonial:  
    "Hi Dan,  I have been having a great time with your book.  Lots of great information and much needed humor, great job!"

And the buyer left this feedback:
    "Great seller. Very fast shipping. Great transaction. A++Great Book"

Another purchaser writes:
    "Hey Dan read your managing softball book, one of the best books I ever team is better than ever, started the season 3-0 so far and just crushing teams, plus I'm a lot happier as a manager. Thanks for the book." 
Austin, TX

From another long-time manager:
    "Very nice book!   Very informative and I like the laid-back, light-hearted style. The section on finding sponsors is excellent!  Great comments!  I enjoyed reading this."

And check out this review:
    "This book changed my life, fixed my marriage, redeemed my delinquent children, house-broke my dog, re-grew my balding hair, sold my wreck of a house, and won me millions in the lottery."

Well, okay, that one is from a friend who owed me a favor. 

But you never know, do you?

So order the book.  It just might happen to you.



P.S.  There's a lot of humor in the book, too.  Laugh while you learn!

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