Backyard Pitching Practice

By Dan Hughes

Here's a great way to practice pitching.

Put a home plate and pitcher's mound in your back yard, 50 feet apart or whatever the distance is in your league. Set a target bucket behind the plate.  An old milk crate works fine.

Exactly halfway between home plate and the mound, set up a "barrier" of some sort that is 9 feet high (assuming you have a 10-foot limit).

Mine is pretty claptrappity.  I attached a one-foot plastic rod to the end of an 8-foot 2x2 stud, and then I attached an old windshield wiper to the top of the rod, perpendicular to the rod, so I had an 11-foot long "capitol T."   Finally, I used some lawn furniture and a heavy toolbox to stand it up straight.

I aim at the bucket behind home plate, being sure the pitch goes over the wiper blade, barely clearing it.  This gives me excellent practice at throwing 10-foot-high pitches.

This thing cost me about two bucks to make (the price of a 2x2), and it gives me an excellent pitching-practice workout.


    2007 Dan Hughes