Recommended Softball Links

ASA Banned Bats - With Photos - All the bats you can't use in ASA softball.  Print this page and keep it in your team bag.

ASA Banned Bats, 2008 - Including an article about how your batting distance will be affected by the rule change.

Softball Fans Bat Reviews - Read what other owners are saying about virtually every bat on the market today.

Softball Fans Discussions - Best internet site of all to discuss all things softball (and many things not).

Softball Magazine - Mostly tournament news, audio play-by-play, and sometimes some good informative articles.

Softball Tips and Drills - Excellent site for the nuts and bolts of softball, both in practice and in games.

Softball Today Magazine - Check out their Slowpitch section.

Softball Web - A page of links to everything softball.

Softball West Magazine - Great magazine for everybody, not just west-coasters.

Swing Mechanics - The Real Deal on how to hit stronger and smarter.

Dan's spiffy home page - Check out my living-on-the-edge lifestyle.