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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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         Category (OTR = Old Time Radio)


Shelly Fabares cut $8.00
Nanette Fabray 3x5 card    $6.00
Nanette Fabray SP8 Xerox paper, two fold creases  $10.00
Jeff Fahey 3x5 card
Jeff Fahey 4x6 card
Douglas Fairbanks Jr SP   $18.00
Barbara Fairchild SPC8 Country music $8.00
Peter Falk 3x5 card Columbo $10.00
Peter Falk 3.5x5 card Columbo $10.00
Peter Falk SP   $30.00
Donna Fargo 3x5 card  Happiest Girl In the Whole USA $8.00
James Farley     $12.00
Richard Farnsworth 3x5 card    $8.00
Jamie Farr 4x6 card  M*A*S*H $6.00
Steve Farr BB Baseball $6.00
Charles Farrell 3x5 card  My Little Margie father, silents $20.00
Mike Farrell 3x5 card M*A*S*H $6.00
Mike Farrell 4x6 card M*A*S*H $6.00
Tommy Farrell SP    
Tony Farrell SP    
Jeff Fassero BB Baseball $6.00
Alice Faye 3x5 card   $20.00
Jose Feliciano 3.5x5 card  Blind singer, Felice Navidad $6.00
Bob Feller SP8 Baseball Hall of Fame $25.00
Edith Fellows 3x5 card 30's actress/singer $10.00
Edith Fellows cut on card $10.00
Jean Fenn      
Jamie Farr 3x5 card
Geraldine Ferraro 3x5 card  Vice-President candidate $12.00
Mel Ferrer     $6.00
Kenneth Fickett letter OTR, NBC announcer, Federal Broadcasting Corp, 1933 $15.00
Sally Field 3x5 card  Oscar winner; Flying Nun $10.00
Bennie Fields      
Debbi Fields 3x5 card  Mrs Fields cookies  $6.00
Ralph Fiennes 3x5 card
Peter Finch cut $62.00
Peter Finch 3x5 card Oscar winner $62.00
Tommy Fine   Baseball  
Alex Fisher b/w Ruth Harrison page    
Eddie Fisher 3x5 card* Singer, divorced Debbie Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor $8.00
Eddier Fisher SP8 Singer, divorced Debbie Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor $24.00
Edmund Fisher 3x5 card Nobel winner
Val Fitch FDC Nobel winner, physics $24.00
Sarah Fisher 3.5x5.5 card
Kirsten Flagstad 3x4 cut Opera $60.00
Sean Patrick Flannery 3x5 card    $14.00
Susan Flannery 3x5 card     
Peggy Fleming 3x5 card  Ice skater $10.00
Rhonda Fleming     $12.00
Louise Fletcher 3x5 card Oscar winner $8.00
Louise Fletcher SP8 Oscar winner $22.00
Ann Flood SP8    
Gene Fluckey 3.5x5 card  Medal of Honor winner $38.00
Nina Foch 3x5 card   $7.00
Bridget Fonda 3x5 card    $18.00
Henry Fonda     $65.00
Jane Fonda 3x5 card  Oscar winner $12.00
Joan Fontaine 3.5x5 card    $12.00
Brenda Forbes 3x5 card    
Meriel Forbes 3x4.5 card     
Betty Ford SP8 First Lady
Doug Ford 3x5 card  PGA Hall of Fame $8.00
Gerald Ford 4x6 card USA President $50.00
Gerald Ford SPC8 USA President $85.00
Harrison Ford SP8   $120.00
Harrison Ford SP8   $120.00
Harrison Ford / Michelle Pfeiffer SP8   $200.00
Ruth Ford 3x5 card
Tennessee Ernie Ford     $16.00
George Foreman   Boxer $22.00
Milos Forman 3.5x5 card Oscar, director Cuckoo's Nest $18.00
Helen Forrest 3x5 card    
Sally Forrest 3x5 card   $6.00
Undine Forrest contract
Rosemary Forsyth 3x5 card Soaps, Days of Our Lives $6.00
John Forsythe 3x5 card    $16.00
John Forsythe SP8   $32.00
Joe Foss 3x5 card WW2 Ace $25.00
Meg Foster check $15.00
Meg Foster SP8 $20.00
Steve Foucault BB 77 Baseball $6.00
Steve Foucault BB 78 Baseball $6.00
Pete Fountain 3x5 card   $6.00
Vivica Fox 3.5x5 card    $14.00
Fred Foy 3x5 card Announcer Lone Ranger, "Return with us now...."
Fred Foy postcard
Fred Foy SP8
Malcolm Frager      
Robert Fraiser?
Sergio Franchi 3.5x5.5 card    $12.00
Anne Francis 3.5x5 card    $8.00
Freddie Francis 3x5 card     
Kay Francis     $22.00
Steve Franken 3x5 card     
Bonnie Franklin 3x5 card   $6.00
Carl Frank   OTR--This Is Your FBI, Buck Rogers, Young Doctor Malone  
Arthur Franz / Doreen Lang 3x5 card    $14.00
Douglas Fraser 3x5 card  Union chief $8.00
Cliff Frazier 3x5 card  TV, First and 10  
Joe Frazier   Boxer $12.00
Stan Freberg Script    
Kathleen Freeman 3x5 card    $8.00
Robin Lee Freeman 3x5 card  Golfer $6.00
Bob Friend SPC8 Baseball $12.00
Milton Frome      
Sylvia Froos b/w Genevieve Rowe, F.F. Rockwell page OTR, vaudeville, early talkies
Larry Fryer 3x5 card  Golf  
David Fulcher BB football NFL $6.00
Corey Fuller BB football Football $6.00
Robert Fuller 3x5 card  Cowboy $6.00
Robert Fuller 3.5x5 card Cowboy $6.00
Robert Fuller FDC Cowboy $6.00
Don Fullmer 3.5x5 card  Boxing $12.00
Gene Fullmer cut 1.25x3 Boxing $10.00
Gene Fullmer 3x5 card  Boxing $12.00
Gene Fullmer 3.5x5 card
Betty Furness cut $12.00
Kenny G      
Zsa Zsa Gabor     $9.00
Mickey Gabrial 3x5 card     
Monique Gabrielle 3x5 card    $14.00
Max Gail 3x5 card    $8.00
Robert Gallo 3.5x5 card  Co-discoverer of AIDS virus $16.00
Robert Gallo FDC Co-discoverer of AIDS virus $18.00
Oscar Gamble SPC8 Baseball $12.00
Joseph Gannascoli SPC8 The Sopranos  
Paul Ganus 3x5 card  Days of Our Lives  
Gene Garber baseball card 1983 Topps - Atlanta Braves $6.00
Gene Garber baseball card 1988 Score - Kansas City Royals $6.00
Andy Garcia 4x6 card
Andy Garcia SP8   $40.00
Andy Garcia / Michael Keaton SP8   $80.00
Pedro Garcia BB Baseball $6.00
Buddy Gardner BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Randy Gardner 3x5 card Figure skater
Beverly Garland "baseball card"  Horror movie "scream queen"  $12.00
Beverly Garland SP Horror movie "scream queen"  $16.00
Don "Big Daddy" Garlits 3.5x5 card  Drag racing $7.00
James Garner 3x5 card*   $10.00
James Garner FDC*   $12.00
James Garner SP   $36.00
John Nance Garner   US Vice President under FDR $60.00
Teri Garr SP8   $28.00
Betty Garrett 3x5 card
Dave Garroway Cartoon   $22.00
Dave Garroway SP7   $25.00
Jennie Garth 4x6 card
Steve Garvey 3x5 card  Baseball, LA Dodgers $8.00
Willie Gault 3x5 card  Football  
William Gay BB football NFL Topps 1986 Detroit Lions  
Rebecca Gayheart 3.5x5 card    $10.00
Crystal Gayle 3.5x5 card    $6.00
Crystal Gayle SPC program country singer, Loretta Lynn's sister, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" $20.00
Shaun Gayle BB football NFL 1991 Pro Line Chicago Bears  
George Gaynes 3x5 card    
Dennis Gearney business card    
Anthony Geary 3x5 card   $7.00
Ellen Geer 3x5 card    $6.00
David Geffen cut
Theodor Seuss Geisel 3x5 card Dr. Seuss $125.00
Ken Gerhart BB Baseball $6.00
Richard Gere SP5
Floyd Gibbons cut WWII newsman $70.00
Floyd Gibbons page w/letter WWII newsman $75.00
Dick Gibbs?      
Marla Gibbs SP8    
Bob Gibson SP Folksinger  
Don Gibson 3x5 card  Country singer-songwriter  
Harry the Hipster Gibson      
Virginia Gibson cut Your Hit Parade $8.00
John Gielgud 3x5 card    $22.00
Joanne Gilbert 3x5 card  Westerns  
Bob Gilder BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Anita Gillette SP8   $16.00
Frank Gilmore contract
Bill Gilvary   Baseball  
Clarence Gilyard Jr. 3x5 card     
Philip Glass 3x5 card Modern composer $35.00
Bill Glasson BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Jackie Gleason SP8   $125.00
Danny Glover 3x5 card
Danny Glover 4x6 card
Danny Glover SP8   $35.00
Bob Goalby 3x5 card  Golfer, winner 1968 Masters  
George Gobel 3x5 card $10.00
George Gobel SP7 w/pub sheet $35.00
George Gobel SP8 from 1958 From movie I Married a Woman $30.00
George Gobel SP8 from 1958 From movie I Married a Woman $30.00
Graham Goble 3x5 card Little River Band
Arthur Godfrey cut    $16.00
Stan Goldberg 3x5 card    $16.00
Jeff Goldblum 3x5 card    $15.00
Jeff Goldblum SP8   $36.00
Ricky Paul Goldin 3x5 card     
Bobcat Goldwait 4x6 card
Barry Goldwater   Rep Candidate for President, 1964 $16.00
Valeria Golino 3x5 card Hot Shots, Part Deux
Cuba Gooding Jr SPC8
Bill Goodwin 2x3 cut OTR George Burns & Gracie Allen $10.00
Scott Goodyear 3x5 card
Bert I. Gordon 3x5 card  Film director  
Bert Gordon OTR, Mad Russian
Bruce Gordon 3x5 card
Gale Gordon cut  OTR, early TV, Lucy Show $35.00
Jeff Gordon 3.5x5.5 card
Ruth Gordon 3x5 card
Ruth Gordon SP8
Igor Gorin   Opera  
Igor Gorin SP8 Opera  
Edie Gorme 3x5 card
Karen Lynn Gorney 3x5 card    $6.00
Marjoe Gortner SP Evangelist turned actor  
Freeman Gosdin 3x5 card  OTR Andy/Kingfish on Amos & Andy $90.00
Louis Gossett Jr 4x6 card
Jetta Goudal b/w Katherine Cornell page
Elliot Gould 3x5 card    $7.00
Robert Goulet 3x5 card    $7.00
Robert Goulet SPC8   $15.00
Billy Grabarkewitz BB Baseball $6.00
Wayne Grady 3x5 card  Golfer $7.00
Farley Granger "baseball card" $12.00
Farley Granger 3x5 card    $8.00
Gogi Grant 3x5 card  Singer, The Wayward Wind $6.00
Hugh Grant 3x5 card    $22.00
Hugh Grant / Sara Jessica Parker SP8   $75.00
Lee Grant 3x5 card  Oscar winner $8.00
Lee Grant 3.5x5 card Oscar winner
Lee Grant SP8 Oscar winner $25.00
Michael Grant   Boxing  
W.T. Grant stock cert Grant's dimestores $180.00
Billy Gray   son (Bud) on Father Knows Best $12.00
Coleen Gray 3x5 card
Coleen Gray 4x6 card
Coleen Gray SP   $28.00
Erin Gray SP8   $22.00
Lorna Gray See Adrian Booth (she acted under both names)
Katherine Grayson SP8   $32.00
Buddy Greco 3x5 card     
Sarah Green contract
Tommy Greene baseball card  1990 Score - Atlanta Braves   
Shecky Greene 3x5 card    $6.00
Martha Greenhouse contract
Lee Greenwood "baseball card" $8.00
Lee Greenwood 3x5 card    $6.00
Lee Greenwood SP8   $10.00
Dabbs Greer   Preacher on Little House $8.00
Jane Greer 3x5 card    $7.00
Bettina Gregory 3x5 card    
Dick Gregory 3x5 card    $18.00
James Gregory 3x5 card    $6.00
Jennifer Grey 4x6 card
Virginia Grey 3x5 card   $7.00
Richard Grieco 4x6 card
Richard Grieco SP   $40.00
Ben Grieve      
Andy Griffith 3x5 card
Bill Griffith 3.5x5 card cartoonist; creator of Zippy
Melanie Griffith SP5   $50.00
Charles Grodin 3x5 card   $7.00
John Grove?      
Kelly Gruber BB Baseball $6.00
Robert Guillaume     $7.00
Robert Guillaume SP   $18.00
Dorothy Gulliver 3x5 card
Randy Gumpert SP8 MLB pitcher, gave up Mickey Mantle's first home run $8.00
Scott Gump Golf card PGA $6.00

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