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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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         Category (OTR = Old Time Radio)


Ronald Aas 3x5 card Olympic gold medal 1960, Norwegian speed skater $6.00
George Abbott 3x5 card Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright, actor, director and producer, known as “Mr. Broadway” $35.00
Paula Abdul 3x5 card Rock singer $17.00
Karim Abdul-Jabbar 3x5 card Football (Note:  Not Kareem of NBA--Karim played for the Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland Browns) $6.00
Deborah Adair 3x5 card Dynasty, Melrose Place, Young & the Restless, Days of Our Lives $6.00
Red Adair 3x5 card Famous Texas oil well firefighter, renowned for work in Kuwait after the Gulf War $6.00
Edie Adams 3x5 card* Actress, Muriel cigars, Ernie Kovacs wife $6.00
Edie Adams SP8 Actress, Muriel Cigars, Ernie Kovacs wife $15.00
Jane Adams 3x5 card* House of Dracula, Vicki Vale in Batman & Robin serial, westerns, OTR (Lux Radio Theatre, The Whistler) $12.00
Julie Adams 3x5 card* Creature From the Black Lagoon, westerns--great web site! $9.00
Julie Adams FDC* Creature From the Black Lagoon, westerns--great web site! $10.00
Julie Adams SP 2x3* Creature From the Black Lagoon, westerns--great web site! $10.00
Mason Adams 3x5 card OTR, voiceovers $7.00
Nick Adams 2x3 cut Johnny Yuma, No Time For Sergeants, Rebel Without a Cause $155.00
Dawn Addams 1-1/2 x 3 cut Actress, gave up movie career to marry Italian prince $6.00
Rick Adelman 3x5 card NBA coach $6.00
Felix B. Adler 1.5x4 cut "The King of Clowns" $18.00
Jay Adler 4.5x5 page Actor $6.00
Jerry Adler 4x6 page, pencil Hesh Rabkin, Sopranos $6.00
Larry Adler 2x4 cut Jack Benny, OTR--harmonica player, nice web site $18.00
Lou Adler 3x5 card Music producer $10.00
Richard Adler 2x4 cut Composer, wrote score for The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees $18.00
Richard Adler 3.5x6.25 card Composer, wrote score for The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees $18.00
Iris Adrian envelope* Jack Benny, OTR, comedienne $6.00
Iris Adrian 3x5 card* Jack Benny, OTR, comedienne $8.00
John Agar 3x5 card* Cowboy, sci-fi--check out the great web site! $6.00
Spiro Agnew 2.5x4 card US Vice President $50.00
Martin Agronsky 3x5 card* Only TV newscaster to work for all four:  ABC-NBC-CBS-PBS $6.00
Tom Ahearne contract Actor's Equity Association contract $12.00
Charles Aidman 3x5 card Veteran actor, appeared in dozens (hundreds?) of TV series $6.00
Danny Aiello 3x5 card* Actor $12.00
Darrel Akerfelds BB card MLB, 1986-91 $6.00
Claude Akins 3x5 card Actor $9.00
Edward Albee 3x5 card Playwright, Pulitzer Prize $26.00
Anna Maria Alberghetti 3x5 card Actress $27.00
Anna Maria Alberghetti 5.5x8.5 playbill -small cut at bottom Actress $30.00
Anna Maria Alberghetti 3.5x5.5 heavy  paper print Actress $30.00
Carla Alberghetti SP5x7 Broadway actress, Anna Maria's sister $7.00
Carl Albert 3x5 card* US Speaker of the House of Representatives $8.00
Eddie Albert 3x5 card* Green Acres $8.00
Lola Albright 2.25x5.5 cut TV, movie actress $8.00
Alan Alda* 4x6 card M*A*S*H $18.00
Alan Alda SPC8 M*A*S*H $40.00
Alan Alda/Meryl Streep press kit Both signatures on The Seduction of Joe Tynan press release $75.00
Jay Aldrich BB Baseball $6.00
Frank Aletter 3x5 card Star of 1960 series Bringing Up Buddy, over 60 TV appearances $6.00
Frank Aletter SP7 Star of 1960 series Bringing Up Buddy, over 60 TV appearances $10.00
Jane Alexander 3x5 card Actress, Kramer vs Kramer, four Oscar nominations $7.00
Jason Alexander 4x6 card Actor $20.00
Joan Alexander 4.5x5 page OTR, Lois Lane on Superman (radio and cartoons) (John Reed King, early host of Beat the Clock, is on other side of this page) $30.00
Van Alexander 3x5 card Big Bands, movie scores $6.00
Ernst F.W. Alexanderson 7x7 page Invented the high-frequency alternator, the key to modern radio $60.00
Kim Alexis 3x5 card Super model  $12.00
Helene Alexopoulos 3x5 page Ballet $8.00
Brenda Alford 3x5 card Jazz singer, actress $6.00
Byron Allen 3x5 card Comedian, Host, America's Funniest Videos $6.00
Corey Allen check Director (Star Trek, etc), actor, producer, writer $25.00
Debbie Allen 3x5 card Dancer, Choreographer $8.00
Elizabeth Allen 3x5 card Actress, the "DBA/away We Go" girl on Jackie Gleason $18.00
Gracie Allen SP7 Vaudeville, OTR, zany actress (signature slightly smudged) $225.00
Karen Allen 3x5 card* Actress, Indiana Jones $8.00
Kay Allen cut Big band vocalist with Randy Brooks $6.00
Lorraine Allen cut Socialite, wife/manager of comedian Marty Allen $6.00
Marty Allen 1.5x3 cut Comedian, Allen & Rossi $8.00
Michael Allen 3x5 card Too many Michael Allens!  Anybody recognize this signature?  
Peter Allen 3x5 card Broadway $35.00
Rex Allen (1) 3x5 card* Cowboy $15.00
Rex Allen (2) 3x5 card* Cowboy $15.00
Steve Allen 3x5 card* Comedian, author, musician, founder of Tonight Show $16.00
Steve Allen 4x5 card* Comedian, author, musician, founder of Tonight Show $16.00
Steve Allen 4x8 photo Comedian, author, musician, founder of Tonight Show $28.00
Steve Allen SP8 vintage Comedian, author, musician, founder of Tonight Show $45.00
Steve Allen SP8 Comedian, author, musician, founder of Tonight Show $42.00
Tim Allen 3x5 card Comedian, TV star $17.00
Woody Allen 3x5 card Comedian, actor, director $20.00
Woody Allen Color Lobby card- staple holes Comedian, actor, director $42.00
Frank Allenby contract Australia-born actor $12.00
Betty Alley 3x5 card Stage actress $6.00
Michael Allinson 3x5 card Actor, movies and soaps (Love of Life, Another World) $6.00
Bobby Allison 3x5 card* Auto racing $8.00
Fran Allison 2x2 cut Kukla, Fran, & Ollie, OTR Don McNeil's Breakfast Club $18.00
Jerry Allison 3x5 card Buddy Holly Crickets drummer $18.00
Gregg Allman 3x5 card Allman Bros singer, keyboards $25.00
June Allyson 3x5 card* Actress $11.00
Sandy Alomar BB Baseball $6.00
Maria Conchita Alonso 3.5x4.5 photo, corner slightly bent Actress $12.00
Carol Alt 4x6 card Actress--check out the website! $8.00
Scott Altman 3.5x5 card Astronaut; space shuttle pilot $12.00
Jose Alvarez BB card   $6.00
Joe Amato 3x5 card Auto racing $6.00
Don Ameche 3x5 card Actor $24.00
Leon Ames 3x5 card Mr. Ed, founder Screen Actors Guild $18.00
Michael Ames b/w Marc Cramer 2x5.5 cut Broadway actor, 1940's $8.00
Roger Ames letter WWII pilot; Yamamoto raid $12.00
John Amos 4x6 card College football star, star of TV series "Good Times" $8.00
Morey Amsterdam 3x5 card Buddy on Dick Van Dyke $22.00
Glenn Anders 1.5x3.5 cut Vaudeville star $14.00
Laurie Anders 4.5x6 page Actress, starred in The Marshal's Daughter (1953); singer, 1951 hit (with Arthur Godfrey) "I Like the Wide Open Spaces" $8.00
Bill Anderson 2.5x2.5 cut Country music $6.00
Gillian Anderson 3x5 card   $20.00
Harry Anderson SP8- small smudge in word "All" Night Court $35.00
Larry Anderson 3x5 card Professional magician, Lucy's son-in-law on "Life With Lucy" $6.00
Loni Anderson 3x5 card Jennifer on WKRP $8.00
Loni Anderson SP8 Jennifer on WKRP $20.00
Loni Anderson SP8 Jennifer on WKRP $20.00
Lynn Anderson 3x5 card* Country singer $8.00
Marian Anderson 4.5x5.5 page Opera $160.00
Melody Anderson 3x5 card* Actress, played Marilyn Monroe $6.00
Richard Anderson 3x5 card* 6 Million Dollar Man $6.00
Richard Anderson SP8 vintage 6 Million Dollar Man $12.00
Sara Anderson 4.5x6 page Actress, stage and screen $6.00
Ursala Andress SP4x5 James Bond girl $28.00
Mario Andretti SPC8 Auto racing; considered by many as "Greatest Racer of All Time" $25.00
Dana Andrews SP3.5x5 xerox photo Actor, OTR $15.00
Heather Angel 3x5 card Actress, voice of Mrs. Darling in Disney's Peter Pan  $18.00
James Angell 2.25x4.75  President of Yale, 1920s/30s $10.00
Paul Anka 3x5 card Singer, composer (Tonight Show theme) $10.00
Michael Ansara 3x5 cut cardboard Broken Arrow $7.00
Michael Ansara 3x5 card* Broken Arrow $8.00
Ray Anthony 2.5x3 cut Musician, OTR, wrote Dragnet Theme, The Bunny Hop $6.00
Tony Anton 3x5 card Rock group Heart & Stone, founder and lead singer $6.00
Joe Antonini SP5 K-Mart exec; signed on back "Best of Luck, Joseph E. Antonini" $6.00
Richard Anuszkiewick 3x5 card Artist $8.00
Gabrielle Anwar SPC8 Actress $42.00
James Apollo SP8 Singer $6.00
Anne Archer 3x5 card Oscar nominee, daughter of Marjorie Lord and John Archer $12.00
John Archer 4.5x5.5 page Played "The Shadow" on radio (b/w Frank Fenton) $20.00
Eve Arden 2x3 cut Our Miss Brooks, OTR and TV $18.00
Adam Arkin 3x5 card Actor $6.00
Alan Arkin 3x5 card Actor $7.00
Alan Arkin SP8.5 Actor $30.00
Samuel Arkoff 3x5 card Film producer, pioneer of B-movies $12.00
Russell Arms 3x5 card Singer, OTR, Your Hit Parade $6.00
R. G. Armstrong 3x5 card Broadway, Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, Westerns, 100+ TV shows 8.00
John Arnatt SP4 Actor on Dr. Who, appeared in 30 films $8.00
Jim Arness 2x3.5 cut Matt Dillon, Gunsmoke $22.00
Alison Arngrim 3x5 card Little House, Nellie Oleson $6.00
Bob Arnold 4.5x6 page "Tom Forrest" on BBC soap The Archers $10.00
Eddy Arnold 3x5 card Country singer $8.00
Kristine Arnold 3x5 card Lead singer, Sweethearts of the Rodeo $6.00
Tom Arnold SP8- dent top center Actor $25.00
David Arquette 4x6 card Scream, Friends $6.00
Rosanna Arquette 3x5 card Beautiful actress, granddaughter of Charlie Weaver (Cliff Arquette) $18.00
Rosanna Arquette SP5- crease at top Beautiful actress, granddaughter of Charlie Weaver (Cliff Arquette) $20.00
Luis Arroyo SP8 MLB pitcher 1955-63, New York Yankees star reliever $18.00
Bea Arthur 3x5 card Actress $8.00
Elizabeth Ashley cut 4x5* Actress, 50+ movies $7.00
Joel Ashley 4.5x6 page Westerns, 10 Commandments, Gunsmoke, Lone Ranger, Have Gun Will Travel, Cisco Kid, Wagon Train, Bonanza, etc 8.00
Ed Asner 3x5 card* Lou Grant $8.00
Ed Asner SP8- slight smudge in "Master" Lou Grant $22.00
Ed Asner People mag cover- two creases Lou Grant $22.00
Armand Assante 3x5 card Actor $14.00
Paul Assenmacher BB Fleer 96 Baseball $6.00
Paul Assenmacher BB UD 96 Baseball $6.00
Rosco(e) Ates 1x4 cut Gone With the Wind; Soapy Jones in Eddie Dean westerns $18.00
Atkins cartoon Cartoonist whose cartoons are selling for $299 elsewhere $150.00
Doug Atkins 3x5 card NFL Hall of Fame $8.00
Rene Auberjonois 3x5 card Odo on Star Trek 9 $8.00
Louis Auchincloss 3x5 card Author $12.00
Don August BB card Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers 1988-1991 $6.00
Jan August 1x3 cut Played piano, xylophone in Paul Whiteman Orchestra $6.00
Charlotte Austin 1.5x3.5 cut Actress; horror films, Ed Woods $6.00
Darnell Autry FB card NFL Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles; actor stage & screen $6.00
Gene Autry page* Cowboy $40.00
Hy Averback 3x5 card OTR Bob Hope, director M*A*S*H, Rockford Files, Real McCoys; producer F Troop, Dukes of Hazzard $10.00
Phyllis Avery 3x5 card TV and movie actress, George Gobel Show, many series $6.00
Hoyt Axton 3x5 card* Singer songwriter: Greenback Dollar, Joy To the World (Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog),  Never Been to Spain, Pieces of April $8.00
Christine Ayers page 1940's radio actress $6.00
Lew Ayres 3x5 card Oscar nominee, Johnny Belinda; movies' first Dr. Kildare $12.00



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