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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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John Sacca BB football Football $6.00
William Sadler 3x5 card    
Carol Bayer Sager 3x5 card Singer/songwriter $6.00
Eva Marie Saint 4x6 card Oscar $12.00
Johnny Sajem 3x5 cartoon Cartoonist - This card is FULLY hand-drawn!  
Soupy Sales 3x5 card   $6.00
Pierre Salinger 3x5 card   $24.00
Edith Salmore?      
Jeffrey Samms 3x5 card    
Joan Benoit Samuelson 3.5x5 card    
Adam Sandler 3x5 card    
Ted Sands      
Laura San Giacocomo     $26.00
Susan Sarandon 3x5 card    
Susan Sarandon SP   $32.00
Beverly Adams Sassoon SP8
Jim Sauter 3x5 card NASCAR driver $6.00
Aileen Savage 3x5 card    
Eddie Sawyer   Baseball  
John Saxon 3x5 card   $6.00
Diana Scarwid SP8   $15.00
Maria Schell SP5   $16.00
Maximillian Schell SP8 cartoon
W Schermerhorn ltr President of the Netherlands; scientist
Lalo Schifrin 3.5x5 card composer $8.00
Claudia Schiffer 3x5 card Model $18.00
Max Schmeling 3x5 sports card Boxer $24.00
Max Schmeling 3x5 card Boxer $24.00
Max Schmeling 3.5x5 card Boxer $24.00
Sam Schmidt 3x5 card Auto racing $6.00
Helen Schneider 3x5 card    
Ted Schneider      
Annabel Schofield 3.5x5 card    
Leslie Schofield 3.5x5 card Star Wars  
Daniel Schoor 3x5 card   $8.00
Ken Schrader 3x5 card Auto racing $6.00
Ted Schroeder 3x5 card Tennis Hall of Fame, 1966  
Ken Schrom BB Baseball $6.00
Arnold Schulman contract
Tracy Scoggins 3x5 card   $6.00
Lola Scotman      
Ken Scott SP5 Actor, Star Wars  
Ken Scott SP8 Actor, Star Wars  
Kenn Scott SP8 Karate champ  
Lizabeth Scott 3x5 card   $7.00
Martha Scott SP8   $18.00
Mary Scranton 3x5 card Wife of Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton  
Elizabeth Seal     $8.00
Neil Sedaka     $10.00
George Segal 3x5 card    
Steven Segal 4x6 card   $18.00
Steven Segal SP   $40.00
Rudolf Serkin 3x5 card    
Doctor Seuss 3x5 card   $125.00
Jane Seymour 3x5 card   $12.00
Paul Shaffer 3x5 card David Letterman's bandleader  
Del Sharbutt page OTR announcer, Your Hit Parade
Karen Sharpe 3x5 card   $6.00
Charlie Sheen SP8   $24.00
Martin Sheen 3x5 card Oscar $12.00
Martin Sheen 4x6 card    
Martin Sheen FDC Oscar $13.00
Martin Sheen SP8 Oscar $25.00
David Sheet      
Johnny Sheffield   Bomba the Jungle Boy, Tarzan $10.00
(Judge Judy) Sheindlin 4x6 card    
Sidney Sheldon     $6.00
Jean Shepard cut Country singer $6.00
Morgan Sheppard 3x5 card    
Nicolette Sheridan 4x6 card    
Madeleleine Sherwood 3x5 card   $8.00
Brooke Shields 3x5 card    
James Shigeta SP   $16.00
Dinah Shore Sheet music   $24.00
Pauly Shore     $8.00
Bobby Short 3x5 card   $8.00
Martin Short 3x5 card    
Martin Short SP8   $30.00
Elizabeth Shue 3x5 card   $16.00
Celestine Sibley / John Kollock   Author and illustrator team  
Simone Signoret
Cynthia Sikes 3x5 card    
Beverly Sills 3x5 card Opera $16.00
Beverly Sills SP mag   $30.00
Ron Silver SP8
Jonathan Silverman 3x5 card   $8.00
Jonathan Silverman SP8 Publicity shot, Little Big League $18.00
Phil Silvers SP8
Victoria Silvestedt 4x6 card    
Jean Simmons     $12.00
Richard Simmons 3x5 card   $6.00
Robert Simmons P7 / sig on back Revelers Quartet; vocalist Your Hit Parade $10.00
Hilda Simms      
William S. Simms b/w Edward Herbert Thompson page USN Admiral, US Navy Rep to Britain
Simone Simon     $24.00
Lee Sims and Ilomay Bailey page Jazz musicians; husband & wife, he played piano, she sang $15.00
Frank Sinatra 3x5 card Pretty sure this is a poor fake; no price but enjoy laughing at it  
Sinbad 3x5 card    
Penny Singleton
Ricky Skaggs 3x5 card Country singer $8.00
Menasha Skulnik cut on card    
Menasha Skulnik contract
Iona Skye 3x5 card    
Mark Slade 3x5 card    
Christian Slater 3x5 card   $12.00
Lala Sloatman 3x5 card    
Maud Slye      
Bernie Smith 3x5 card OTR Director, head writer of You Bet Your Life $30.00
Bryn Smith BB Baseball $6.00
Kevin Smith 3.5x5 card Producer, Clerks $7.00
Lois Smith      
Margaret Chase Smith     $8.00
Mark Smith      
Patti Smith 3x5 card    
Tom Smothers SPC8.5   $20.00
Smothers Brothers (Tom & Dick) 3x5 card   $16.00
Tom Sneva 3.5x5 card Indy 500 winner 1983 $8.00
Wesley Snipes 3x5 card    
Cory Snyder BB Baseball $6.00
George Sokolsky      
P.J. Soles 3x5 card   $6.00
P.J. Soles SP8   $10.00
Billy Soose 3x5 card   $26.00
Rosanne Sorrentino 3x5 card    
Mira Sorvino 3x5 card    
Paul Sorvino 3x5 card   $12.00
Harry Sosnick SP8 Big Bandleader  
Ann Sothern 3x5 card   $16.00
Ann Sothern 4x6 card   $16.00
Talisa Soto 3x5 card    
Sissy Spacek 3x5 card   $14.00
David Spade 3x5 card   10.00
Warren Spahn SP8
Vincent Spano SP85 $12.00
Myrtle Spear (real name Vail) page OTR, Myrt and Marge, 1931-1946
Aaron Spelling 3x5 card TV producer $8.00
Aaron Spelling 3.5x5 card TV producer $8.00
Steven Spielberg 3x5 card    
Peter Spier 3x5 card    
Mickey Spillane 3.5x5 card Private eye author $30.00
Leon Spinks 3x5 card Boxer $18.00
Leon Spinks 3.5x5 card Boxer $18.00
Rick Springfield 3x5 card   $15.00
Billy Squier 3x5 card    
Lyn St. James 3x5 card Auto racing $6.00
Edward St. John      
Robert Stack 3.5x5 card Oscar $11.00
Robert Stack SP8 Oscar $26.00
Jo Stafford     $6.00
Sylvester Stallone 3x5 card    
Sylvester Stallone SPC8   $25.00
John Stamos 3x5 card   $10.00
Terence Stamp 3x5 card   $12.00
Burt L. Standish page author, creator of Frank Merriwell
Ralph Stanley   Bluegrass music  
Harry Dean Stanton 3x5 card (creased)    
Jean Stapleton 3x5 card   $7.00
Jean Stapleton 3.5x5 card   $7.00
Maureen Stapleton     $7.00
Joe Starnes ltr Congressman from Alabama, 1935-1945
Kay Starr 3x5 card    
Harold Stassen cut, return address Frequent presidential contender $8.00
Statler Brothers SPC8   $36.00
Freddie Steele      
Rod Steiger SP8 Oscar $18.00
Gloria Steinem     $9.00
Gloria Steinem FDC   $10.00
Theda Stemler 3x5 card    
Jan Sterling 3x5 card   $8.00
Robert Sterling 3x5 card   $7.00
Daniel Stern 3x5 card    
Daniel Stern SP5.5x8
Daniel Stern SP8   $20.00
Howard Stern 3x5 card    
Connie Stevens 3x5 card   $6.00
Matt Stevens BB football NFL $6.00
Ray Stevens 3x5 card   $6.00
Rise Stevens 3x5 card Opera, actress Going My Way $18.00
William C. Stevens      
Margot Stevenson      
David Stewart      
James Stewart     $36.00
James Stewart SP   $135.00
Jon Stewart 3x5 card    
Peggy Stewart 3x5 card   $6.00
Redd Stewart cut Songwriter-Pee Wee King collaborator, Tennessee Waltz  
Redd Stewart / Pee Wee King sheet music Composers - Tennessee Waltz, Slowpoke $25.00
Victor Stiebel page British fashion designer
Ben Stiller 3x5 card   $10.00
Sting 3x5 card rock musician, leader/vocalist of the Police $36.00
Linda Stirling 3x5 card   $12.00
Dee Wallace Stone 3.5x5 card     
Oliver Stone 3x5 card    
Sharon Stone SP8   $45.00
Paul Stookey 3x5 card Peter Paul & Mary $6.00
Larry Storch 3x5 card F Troop $6.00
Gale Storm 3x5 card   $8.00
Gale Storm BB H'wood Actress, My Little Margie $8.00
Suzanne Storrs      
Beatrice Straight 3x5 card    
Susan Strasberg 3x5 card   $14.00
Gil Stratton Jr 3x5 card    
Meryl Streep 3x5 card    
Meryl Streep 3x5 card   $120.00
Meryl Streep/Alan Alda press release The Seduction of Joe Tynan press release - both signatures $75.00
Barbra Streisand 3x5 card
Barbra Streisand SP8   $220.00
Clarence Streit SP4 author, labor leader $24.00
Ray Stricklyn 3x5 card    
Marjorie Strider 3x5 card    
Ed Stroll     $8.00
Sally Struthers 3x5 kiss   $14.00
Sally Struthers SP   $20.00
Gloria Stuart 4x5.5 card   $12.00
Marty Stuart 3x5 card   $8.00
John L. Sullivan?
Joe Sullivan contract
Susan Sullivan SP   $12.00
Neil Summers 3.5x5 card    
Neil Summers SP8    
Ralph Sumpter      
Hale Sutter 3.5x5 card Golfer $6.00
Mena Suvari SP8 American Beauty $40.00
Bo Svenson 3.5x5 card   $6.00
Kristy Swanson SP5
Glendon Swartout 3x5 card    
Clarence Swenson 3.5x5 card Munchkin in Wizard of Oz  
Rick Swenson 3x5 card Dogsled racer $6.00
Ron Swoboda SPC8    
Mme Sylvia   Barnum performer  
Sylvia 3x5 card Country singer $6.00

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