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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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Yo Yo Ma 3x5 card
Norm MacDonald 4x6 card
Bill Macey SP4x5.5
Ali MacGraw 3x5 card     $8.00
Marion Mack 3x5 card     $9.00
Gisele MacKenzie 3x5 card    $6.00
Kyle MacLachlan 3x5 card  Twin Peaks, David Lynch films  $8.00
Shirley MacLaine 3x5 card    $9.00
Shirley MacLaine 3.5x5 card
Shirley MacLaine SP8    $38.00
Gavin McLeod SP7
Fred MacMurray SPC8 torn corner, crease away from sig $45.00
Elle MacPherson 3.5x5 card
Bill Macy 3x5 card     $6.00
Bill Macy SP $30.00
Donald Madden      
Dave Madigan BB Baseball $6.00
Bill Madlock BB 81 Baseball $6.00
Bill Madlock BB 82 Baseball $6.00
Bill Madlock BB 84 Baseball   $6.00
Dave Magadan baseball card 1993 Topps - New York Mets $6.00
Lee Majors FDC    $7.00
Elliot Makeham contract
John Malcolm contract
Karl Malden 3x5 card     $8.00
Karl Malden 3.5x5 card $8.00
John Malkovich 3x5 card     $16.00
Ted Malone SP5 OTR poet  
Barbara Mandrell SPC8   $22.00
Louise Mandrell SPC8
Rosalind Mandrell
Chuck Mangione 3x5 card     $6.00
Chuck Mangione 3.5x5 card $6.00
Wilma Mankiller 3x5 card $6.00
Debbie Mann      
Delbert Mann 3x5 card $18.00
Paul Mann      
Sylvia Mann contract
Terrance Mann 4x6 card $6.00
Lucille Manners SP8 opera soprano
Eddie Manson      
Burns Mantle      
Cliff Mapes   Baseball  
Ted Mapes   Cowboy  
Alfred March?      
Peggy March SP8
Jerry Maren 3x5 card Wizard of Oz--"Lollipop Kid"  $12.00
Jerry Maren 3.5x5 card Wizard of Oz--"Lollipop Kid"  $12.00
Art Margetson contract
Rose Marie 3x5 card  Sally on Dick Van Dyke  $10.00
Ted Markland SP8    
Ric Marlow   Grammy-winning composer--A Taste of Honey $6.00
Kathryn Marlowe (real name Kay Rea; signed as Kay Kimber) b/w ? Davis page
Marc Marno contract
Armine Marshall contract
Garry Marshall 3x5 card
Gary Marshall SP8
Herbert Marshall cut   
Penny Marshall      $25.00
Peter Marshall 3x5 card  Hollywood Squares host   $6.00
Ray Marshall      
Rosamund Marshall page author
Curtis Martin SP    
Dick Martin 3x5 card     $8.00
Dolly Read Martin 3x5 card     
Judith Martin 3x5 card  "Miss Manners"   
Mary Martin cut     $38.00
Richard Martin 3x5 card     
Steve Martin 3x5 card
Steve Martin SP8   $50.00
Tony Martin 3x5 card     $11.00
Jim Mason BB (crease) Baseball $6.00
Marsha Mason 3x5 card     $8.00
Marsha Mason 3.5x5 card $8.00
Reginald Mason contract
Toni Matches      
Tim Matheson     $12.00
Johnny Mathis 3x5 card    $14.00
Samantha Mathis 3x5 card     $26.00
Samantha Mathis 4x6 card $26.00
Kathy Mattea "baseball card"
Walter Matthau  SP   $30.00
Carmen Matthews contract
Joy Matthews 3x5 card     
Robin Mattson 3x5 card     
Eddie Mayehoff ltr OTR, early TV, Lewis&Martin films
Ferdy Mayne 3x5 card     
Virginia Mayo 3x5 card     $8.00
Virginia Mayo SP    $22.00
Melanie Mayron 3x5 card  Thirty Something  $6.00
Kay Mazzo   Ballet  
Ed McBain SP8 Mystery author, 87th Precinct series $50.00
McBride and the Ride
Blaine McCallister golf card Golfer  $6.00
Kevin McCarthy 3x5 card  Invasion of the Body Snatchers  $10.00
Kevin McCarthy 3.5x5 card, torn corner Invasion of the Body Snatchers $10.00
Kevin McCarthy SP Invasion of the Body Snatchers  $35.00
Kevin McCarthy / Dana Wynter 3.5x5 card     $14.00
Marilyn McCoo 3x5 card
Pat McCormack 3x5 card  Olympic gold medals, diving, 1952-1956  
Pat McCormack 3.5x5 card  Olympic gold medals, diving, 1952-1956  
Patty McCormack 3.5x5 card    $6.00
Mickey McDermott   Baseball  
James A. McDivitt 3x5 card  Astronaut $32.00
Betty McDowell      
Spanky McFarland   Little Rascals  $36.00
Robert "Bud" McFarlane 3x5 card  (signed as Bud) National Security chief  $8.00
Robert "Bud" McFarlane 3x5 card  (signed as Robert) National Security chief  $8.00
Michelle McGann   Golfer  $6.00
Elizabeth McGovern 3x5 card     $6.00
Ewan McGregor 3x5 card
Biff McGuire 3x5 card     
Dorothy McGuire 3x5 card     
Dorothy McGuire SP8    $14.00
Fay McKenzie 3x5 card     $6.00
Ken McLeod SP8    
Rachel McLish 3x5 card Bodybuilder  $7.00
Ed McMahon 3x5 card     $7.00
Jim McMahon 3.5x5 card Chicago Bears Superbowl quarterback
Mickey McMeel      
Harry McNaughton contract
Don McNeill 3x5 card  OTR Don McNeill's Breakfast Club  $16.00
Maggie McNellis 3x5 card Early television - talk show 
Elle McPhearson   Model  $20.00
Tom McTigue 3x5 card     
Larry McWilliams BB Baseball pitcher $6.00
Sid Melton 3x5 card
Burgess Meredith 3x5 card    $30.00 
Lee Meriwether   Catwoman $6.00 
Lee Meriwether SP8   $30.00 
Jan Merlin 3x5 card    $8.00 
Jan Merlin SP   $18.00 
Gary Merrill SP7   $18.00 
Robert Merrill 3x5 card  Opera $24.00 
Merry Macs b/w Johnny Johnston
Jose Mesa BB 95 Best Closing Act Baseball $6.00
Jose Mesa BB Baseball $6.00
Merry Macs      
Gertrude Michaels      
Bob Middleton      
Joanna Miles 3x5 card     
Joanna Miles SP8    
Sylvia Miles 3x5 card    $8.00 
Allan Miller contract
Ann Miller 3x5 card    $12.00 
Dean Miller 3x5 card     
Dick Miller 3x5 card     
Dick Miller SP    
Freddy Miller SP5 OTR, popular pianist in 1930's $15.00
Jamir Miller BB football Football $6.00
Mitch Miller 3x5 card Sing Along With Mitch $7.00
Penelope Ann Miller 3x5 card     
Woods Miller SP5 Broadway performer, 1930's $15.00
Allen Mills 3x5 card     
Donna Mills 4x6 card
Hayley Mills cut on card
Juliet Mills 3x5 card
Ronnie Milsap   Blind country singer  $6.00
Robert Milton contract
Jan Miner 3x5 card     $6.00
Miss Manners (Judith Martin) 3x5 card
Newton Minow 3x5 card FCC Commissioner - called television "a vast wasteland"
Abe Mitchell tobacco card No autograph  
John Mitchum 3x5 card     
Jessica Mitford 3x5 card Author
Mary Ann Mobley 3x5 card Miss America 1959, General Hospital, movies
Donald Moffat contract, pencil
Matthew Modine SP    $30.00
Jeffrey Monahan cartoon    
Don Money BB Baseball $6.00
Eddie Money 3x5 card Rock singer $8.00
Lucy Monroe   OTR vocalist  $6.00
Ricardo Montalban      $10.00
Ricardo Montalban SP    $25.00
Patsy Montana 3x5 card     $15.00
Harry Monte    Wizard of Oz Munchkin  $10.00
John Montefusco SP8
William Montella contract
George Montgomery 3x5 card  Cowboy $9.00 
George Montgomery SP Cowboy $22.00 
Harry Monty 3.5x5 card  Wizard of Oz munchkin $10.00
Philip Moon 3x5 card     
Clayton Moore 3x5 card  The Lone Ranger $28.00
Dickie Moore 3x5 card  Child actor  $8.00
Dudley Moore 3x5 card $20.00
Garry Moore SP7 TV host, I've Got a Secret $25.00
Greg Moore 3.5x5 card  Auto racing  $6.00
Irene Moore contract
Mary Moore      
Patti Moore    
Terry Moore 3x5 card     $14.00
Terry Moore SP   $36.00
Peggy Moran 3x5 card     
Rick Moranis 3x5 card     $8.00
Barry Morell      
Rita Moreno 3.5x5 card  Oscar $8.00
Rito Moreno 4x6 card Oscar $8.00
Rita Moreno SP Oscar  $25.00
Dan Morgan 3x5 card  Football  $6.00
Jaye P. Morgan cut     $6.00
Haviland Morris 3x5 card     
Johnny Morris (b/w Louise Brough)   British TV kidshow host $10.00
Joe Morris BB football NFL  $6.00
Karen Morrow contract
Robert Morse SP8    
Tad Mosel 3x5 card    $15.00
Sugar Shane Mosley 3x5 card  Boxing  
Abe Most 3x5 card  Clarinet  
Larry Mowry BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Jamie Moyer BB Baseball $6.00
Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert) 3x5 card Early television scientist for kids
Dick Muckerman   St. Louis Browns owner  
Esther Muir 3x5 card     
Gary Muledeer 3x5 card  Country comedian  
Penepole Munday contract
Armando Muniz 3.5x5 card Boxing  
Bill Murchison 3x5 card Golfer
Brad Murphy 3x5 card     
Bill Murray 3x5 card
Don Murray 4x6 card    $6.00
Don Murray SP8    
Jan Murray SP7    $18.00
Jan Murray SP8    $18.00
Ken Murray cut $14.00
Lyn Murray SP4 NBC musical director, film composer, Emmy winner, Finian's Rainbow composer $15.00
George Musso 3x5 card     
Mike Myers 3x5 card    $16.00
Richard Myers contract
Jim Nabors 3x5 card
George Nader 3x5 card     $14.00
Don Nagel SP8    
Charles Nagy BB Baseball $6.00
Haruo Nakajima 3.5x5 card  Godzilla, Mothra $8.00
Haruo Nakajima 3.5x5 card Godzilla, Mothra $8.00
Haruo Nakajima SP4x4.5 Godzilla, Mothra  $12.00
Jack Narz SP7unsigned
Noreen Nash 3x5 card    
Patricia Neal     $8.00
Kevin Nealon 3x5 card     
Hal Needham 3x5 card    $8.00
Liam Neeson      $30.00
Kathy Neff 3x5 card  Miss Maryland 1972  $6.00
Stacey Nelkin 3x5 card     
Craig T. Nelson 3x5 card     $12.00
Ed Nelson 3x5 card     $10.00
Gene Nelson cut  Oklahoma  $16.00
Judd Nelson 3x5 card     $6.00
Larry Nelson 3x5 card Golfer
Miriam Nelson 3x5 card     
Tracy Nelson 3x5 card Rick Nelson's daughter  $10.00
John Neville      
Loraine Newman 3.5x5 card     
Paul Newman      $80.00
Paul Newman SP8    $175.00
Juice Newton 3x5 card Country singer, Queen of Hearts $6.00
Juice Newton BB music Country singer; Queen of Hearts  $8.00
Thandie Newton SP8 Actress $15.00
Fayard Nicholas 3x5 card  Nicholas Brothers dance team  
Bobby Nichols 3x5 card  Golfer $9.00
Jack Nicholson 3x5 card     $25.00
Jack Nicholson SP8    $60.00
Nicodemus and more page Lightnin' on Amos & Andy, Disney's Brer Rabbit
Alex Nicol 3x5 card     
Leslie Nielson 3x5 card
Leslie Nielson SP8   $30.00
Allen Nixon      
Louis Nizer 4x6 card  Attorney  $22.00
Bonnie Nolan      
Kathleen Nolan 3x5 card $10.00
Nick Nolte 3x5 card     $10.00
Nick Nolte SP4.5    $25.00
Nick Nolte SP8    $40.00
Lucille Norman     $8.00
Sheree North SP8   $14.00
Louis Nye


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