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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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         Category (OTR = Old Time Radio)


Henny Backus 3x5 card Gilligan's mother-in-law, Blondie on early TV $6.00
Kevin Bacon 4x6 card Actor $20.00
Kevin Bacon SPC8 Actor $45.00
Stan Bahnsen SP8 MLB 1966-82, Yankees, etc; pitched 2 no-hitters in minors $10.00
Ilomay Bailey and Lee Sims page Husband and wife - he led a jazz band and played piano, she sang $15.00
Jack Bailey photo card Early TV quizmaster (Queen For a Day, Truth Or Consequences); voice of Walt Disney's Goofy $8.00
Pam Bailey 3x5 card Miss South Carolina; actress, dancer $6.00
Kathie Baillie & Michael Bonagura SPC8 Country music stars; Baillie & the Boys $10.00
Bob Bailor SPC postcard Baseball - Orioles, Blue Jays, Mets, Dodgers $6.00
Conrad Bain 3x5 card Dark Shadows, Edge of Night, Maude, many Broadway shows $7.00
Scott Baio 3.5x5 card Chachi on Happy Days, Charles In Charge $8.00
Butch Baird 3x5 card Golf $6.00
Art Baker 3x5 card OTR; 1st host People Are Funny, host You Asked For It (TV) $10.00
Art Baker cut OTR; 1st host People Are Funny, host You Asked For It (TV) $10.00
Benny Baker cut Actor $7.00
Buddy Baker 3x5 card Won all four major NASCAR races $6.00
Carroll Baker cut Pinup Actress; Baby Doll, Carpetbaggers $16.00
Carroll Baker SP8 Pinup Actress; Baby Doll, Carpetbaggers $30.00
Diane Baker 3x5 card On TV's Dr. Kildare $8.00
Diane Baker SP8 On TV's Dr. Kildare $18.00
Don Baker page OTR announcer, CBS Columbia Workshop $8.00
Kenny Baker 3x5 card Star Wars, R2D2 $9.00
Phil Baker page 4.5x6 Early radio comic; had his own show on CBS in the 1930's $8.00
Alec Baldwin 4x6 card* Actor $20.00
Stephen Baldwin 3x5 card Actor $15.00
Stephen Baldwin SP5, dirty edge Actor $30.00
William Baldwin 3x5 card Actor $15.00
William Baldwin 4x6 card Actor $15.00
Marty Balin SP5 Jefferson Airplane $10.00
Hank Ballard 3x5 card Several million-selling R&B records; wrote The Twist $30.00
Kaye Ballard 3x5 card Big Band singer, actress, movies and television $10.00
Tony Banks football card NFL quarterback $6.00
Jack Bannar 3x5 card Anybody know who Jack Bannar is?  
R.C. Bannon 3x5 card Country singer $6.00
Agatha Barbara 3.5x5 card  President of Malta $7.00
Miller Barber excerpt sheet Golfer $6.00
Bobby Bare cut Country singer $7.00
Bobby Bare 3x5  card Country singer $7.00
Bobby Bare "baseball" card Country singer $7.00
Ellen Barkin 3x5 card Actress, Emmy winner $12.00
Ellen Barkin SP8 Actress, Emmy winner $30.00
Harry Mooch Barnes 3x5 card Negro League baseball star $10.00
Joanna Barnes 3x5 card Actress (TV, movies) and novelist (The Deceivers) $6.00
Priscilla Barnes SP7x10 Terri in Three's Company; toured bases with Bob Hope $18.00
Lem Barney 3x5 card* Pro Football Hall of Fame $8.00
Sandy Baron 3x5 card Seinfeld's Jack Klompus, frequent Johnny Carson guest, Broadway $7.00
Martin Barre page  Lead guitarist for Jethro Tull $10.00
Steve Barri cut P.F. Sloan partner; co-wrote Eve of Destruction, many other hits $8.00
Jack Barry cut  TV host:  Winky-Dink, Twenty-One, quiz show scandals $10.00
Jack Barry SP7-1 21, twins TV host:  Winky-Dink, Twenty-One, quiz show scandals $18.00
Jack Barry SP7-2 21, debut TV host:  Winky-Dink, Twenty-One, quiz show scandals $18.00
Jack Barry SP7-3 TicTacDough Note:  all three Jack Barry photos come with free publicity sheets about the shows (21 and TicTacDough) $18.00
Drew Barrymore 3x5 card Actress $18.00
Ethel Barrymore 1x3 cut May be fake? - Legendary actress $100.00
Bonnie Bartlett 3x5 card Actress, soap Love of Life, 2 Emmies for St. Elsewhere $6.00
James Barton 3x5 card Actor, 1920s-1960s; Kit Carson in The Times of Your Life $32.00
Peter Barton 3x5 card Aaron Spelling actor; Young & the Restless, tv & movies $8.00
Billy Barty 3x5 card* Dwarf actor, films from 1920's-2000 $15.00
Harry Basch 3x5 card  Falconcrest, General Hospital, TV and movies $6.00
Michael Baseleon contract Actor, movies, TV, Broadway $18.00
Carmen Basilio 3x5 card World Middleweight Boxing Champion $12.00
James Baskett (?) page4.5x3.5 Uncle Remus in Disney's Song of the South $250.00
Lina Basquette 3x5 card 20's star $20.00
Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates 3x5 card One-legged tap dancer!  22 appearances on Ed Sullivan $16.00
Dodie Bauer page3x5 Actress $6.00
Jaime Lyn Bauer 3x5 card*  Soaps:  Young & the Restless, Days of Our Lives $6.00
Michelle Bauer 3x5 w/lips* Scream queen horror star; Penthouse Pet $12.00
Laura Baugh 3x5 card Pro golfer $6.00
Tony Bavaar cut on card Broadway, Paint Your Wagon, sang I Talk to the Trees $6.00
Anne Baxter 3x5 card Supporting Actress Oscar 1946 $25.00
Michael Bay 3.5x5 card  Director of Bad Boys and Armageddon, director/producer of Pearl Harbor $9.00
Andy Beal BB Baseball $6.00
Orson Bean 3x5 card Frequent Carson guest, panelist on To Tell the Truth, author $6.00
Jim Beattie baseball card Yankees / Mariners pitcher $6.00
Warren Beatty 3x5 card Hollywood legend $22.00
Warren Beatty SP8 Hollywood legend $48.00
Louise Beavers cut  Black actress, over 100 films from silents to 1950s $75.00
Noelle Beck 3x5 card Soap opera Loving $6.00
William Beck Jr back of unused penny postcard President, National Exchange Club 1930's $6.00
Bonnie Bedelia SP8 Actress $10.00
Ed Begley Jr 3x5 card* Actor $6.00
Peter Behn 3.5x5 card* Voice of Bambi's Thumper rabbit $8.00
Harry Belafonte SP8 Singer, black activist $25.00
Leon Belasco 4x6 photo/letter Both signed (1933) - OTR, musician, actor $45.00
Jay Bell BB Baseball 5.00
Bellamy Brothers 3x5 card Country singers $6.00
Ralph Bellamy 3x5 card Actor $15.00
Ralph Bellamy SP8, crease in corner Actor $30.00
Ralph Bellamy SP5, crease in corner Actor $20.00
Ralph Bellamy SP11x14 matted (cut + 8x10) Actor $25.00
Clay Bellinger SPC8 Baseball player $6.00
Louis Bellson 3x5 card Jazz drummer superstar $20.00
Pamela Bellwood 3x5 card1*  Claudia Johnson Blaisdel Carrington on Dynasty $6.00
Pamela Bellwood 3x5 card2*  Claudia Johnson Blaisdel Carrington on Dynasty $6.00
Jim Belushi 3x5 card* Actor, According to Jim $10.00
Jim Belushi 4x6 card Actor, According to Jim $10.00
Baruj Benacerraf 3x5 card Nobel Prize winner $22.00
Baruj Benacerraf FDC Nobel Prize winner $24.00
Peter Benchley   Author, Jaws $14.00
William Bendix cut Actor, The Life of Riley $45.00
Bruce Benedict BB Baseball $6.00
Richard Benedict   Actor, director $12.00
Tex Beneke cut Glenn Miller sax player, led band after Miller's death $26.00
Tex Beneke 3x5 card Glenn Miller sax player, led band after Miller's death $26.00
Roberto Benigni SP8 Oscar winner, Best Actor $35.00
Annette Bening 3x5 card Actress $12.00
Annette Bening 4x6 card Actress $12.00
Richard Benjamin 3x5 card Actor $6.00
Richard Benjamin SP8-1 Actor $20.00
Richard Benjamin SP8-2 Actor $20.00
Richard Benjamin SP8-3 Actor $20.00
Bruce Bennett  3x5 card Tarzan, 1928 Olympics $14.00
Bruce Bennett 3.5x5 card* Tarzan, 1928 Olympics $17.00
Jack Benny cut Comedian, vaudeville, OTR, early TV $90.00
Jack Benny address page Comedian, vaudeville, OTR, early TV $90.00
Jack Benny SP8 Comedian, vaudeville, OTR, early TV $200.00
Jack Benny coaster 5" diameter, pencil Comedian, vaudeville, OTR, early TV $85.00
Jack Benny sheet music Comedian, vaudeville, OTR, early TV $160.00
Joan Benoit 3x5 card Winner first women's Olympic Marathon $6.00
Gene Benson 3x5 card Negro League baseball All-Star, played 1933-1948 $25.00
John Beradino 3x5 card Baseball star, Dr. Steve Hardy on General Hospital for 33 years $22.00
Juan Berenguer BB Baseball $6.00
Paul Berg 3x5 card  Nobel prize winner, chemistry, research in DNA $22.00
Paul Berg 2.25x6 page Nobel prize winner, chemistry, research in DNA $22.00
Paul Berg SP3 Nobel prize winner, chemistry, research in DNA $25.00
Alan & Marilyn Bergman Songwriters, The Way We Were, 3 Oscars $22.00
Elizabeth Berkley SP8 Actress $35.00
Milton Berle 3x5 card  Comedian, king of early TV, "Mr. Television" $20.00
Milton Berle SP7 w/pub sheet, 1955 Comedian, king of early TV, "Mr. Television" $40.00
Milton Berle SP8 Comedian, king of early TV, "Mr. Television" $40.00
Shelley Berman 3x5 card  Comedian, Grammy winner, three gold records $6.00
Crystal Bernard 3x5 card  Actress, Happy Days, Helen Chapel on Wings $12.00
Walter J. Bernard page  Inventor, scientist  $6.00
Sandra Bernhard 3x5 card   Comedienne / actress / singer $6.00
Corbin Bernsen 3x5 card  LA Law $10.00
Corbin Bernsen 3.5x5 card LA Law $10.00
Kenny Bernstein 3x5 card   Auto racing $6.00
Kenny Bernstein 3.5x5 card Auto racing $6.00
Dale Berra baseball card Yogi's son $6.00
Raymond Berry 3.5x5 spcard  Pro football Hall of Fame $8.00
Valerie Bertinelli SP8  Actress $18.00
Gary Bettenhausen 3.5x5 card*  Auto racing $6.00
Lyle Bettger    Western villain $8.00
Mary Rolfe Bettger 3x5 card   Wife of Lyle Bettger $6.00
Carl Betz cut Husband (Dr. Stone) on The Donna Reed Show $40.00
Theodore Bikel 3x5 card Folk singer, actor,  president of Actorsí Equity; political activist $6.00
Theodore Bikel 3.5x5 card Folk singer, actor,  president of Actorsí Equity; political activist $6.00
Tony Bill 3x5 card Director (My Bodyguard, Six Weeks), producer (The Sting), actor $8.00
Barbara Billingsley 3x5 card Mom (June Cleaver) on Leave It To Beaver $6.00
Ameila Bingham cut Stage actress, lived 1969 - 1927 $8.00
Thora Birch 4x6 card Actress, American Beauty $22.00
Thora Birch SP8 (child) Actress, All I Want for Christmas  $32.00
David Birney 3x5 card Actor stage, film $8.00
Julie Bishop cut Actress, also used name Jacqueline Wells $7.00
Joey Bishop 3x5 card Comedian, actor $6.00
Joey Bishop 3x5 xerox Comedian, actor $6.00
Kelly Bishop 3x5 card Gilmore Girls, soaps $6.00
Jacqueline Bissett 3.5x5 card Actress $7.00
Jacqueline Bissett FDC* Actress  $8.00
Jacqueline Bissett SP4* Actress  $22.00
Jacqueline Bissett / Rob Lowe production notes For the movie Class $35.00
Artie Bittong page  "King Cheerio" on WFAN radio, Philadelphia, 1920's $7.00
Teddy Black sheet music Music arranger $12.00
Harrry Blackstone Jr SP8 Magician $55.00
Richard "Mr." Blackwell 3x5 card Fashion critic $6.00
Vivian Blaine cut Film and stage actress, singer $15.00
Linda Blair 3x5 card*  Actress, The Exorcist $8.00
Amanda Blake check Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke (signed married name Gilbert) $60.00
Amanda Blake cut Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke $65.00
Jay Don Blake BB Pro golfer $6.00
Caroline Blakiston 3.5x5 card Actress, Return of the Jedi $7.00
Johnny Blanchard 3x5 card New York Yankees 1959-1965 $8.00
Sally Blane 3x5 card Started in silent films, Loretta Young's sister $6.00
Bill Blass 3x5 card Fashion designer $6.00
William Peter Blatty 3x5 card, light smear on last name Oscar winner; author of The Exorcist $12.00
Mike Bliss 3.5x5 card Auto racing $7.00
Claire Bloom   Actress, 1940's - now  $6.00
Verna Bloom 3x5 card  Mrs. Wormer in Animal House, Mary in The Last Tempatation of Christ, Maud Bray on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman $6.00
Lisa Blount 3x5 card  Actress; Oscar  $6.00
Ann Blyth 3x5 card  Stage and film actress; opera singer  $6.00
Ann Blyth 4x6 card*  Stage and film actress; opera singer  $6.00
Ann Blyth SP Stage and film actress; opera singer   $14.00
True Boardman 4x6 page  Actress in silent films and in old-time radio $6.00
Lloyd Bochner 3x5 card  Radio actor; Cecil Colby on Dynasty  $6.00
Brett Bodine 3.5x5 card*   NASCAR driver $6.00
Stephen Bogardus 3x5 card   Broadway actor $6.00
Suzy Bogguss 3x5 card Country singer $6.00
Brian Bohanon baseball card   Baseball $6.00
Mary Boland cut Actress, Broadway and film $18.00
John Boles Actor, 1920s-1940s $22.00
Tiffany Bolling 3x5 card  Pin-up actress  $6.00
Erma Bombeck 3x5 card   Writer and humorist  $12.00
Michael Bonagura & Kathie Baillie SPC8 Country music stars; Baillie & the Boys $10.00
Julian Bond 3.5x5 card   Chairman, NAACP $6.00
Tommy "Butch" Bond 3x5 card Bully on Little Rascals $12.00
Gary US Bonds SPC5 Rock, R&B singer:  New Orleans, Quarter to Three $15.00
Eddie Bondy contract William Morris agent, actor $12.00
Lee Bonnell 3x5 card   1940's actor  $6.00
Frank Bonner 3x5 card   WKRP's salesman Herb Tarlek $6.00
Debbie Boone 3x5 card   Actress, singer You Light Up My Life $6.00
Pat Boone 3x5 card   Singer, actor, fifties idol $6.00
Pat Boone SP3.5 Singer, actor, fifties idol
Pat Boone 3x4 card  Singer, actor, fifties idol $6.00
Ray "Ike" Boone   Baseball, 1930's $6.00
Adrian Booth 3x5 card  As Lorna Gray, actress in Three Stooges films, westerns, horror $10.00
George Booth   Artist, children's books, etc $6.00
Robert Borod contract Broadway stage manager $12.00
Carla Borelli 3x5 card Connie Gianni on Falconcrest $6.00
Ernest Borgnine   McHale's Navy, Oscar winner $8.00
Ernest Borgnine Letter (wrtten on back of fan letter) McHale's Navy, Oscar winner $12.00
Lucy Boryer 3x5 card  Actress, Star Trek $6.00
Connie Boswell Sheet music Big Band singer $8.00
Lou Boudreau 3x5 card  Baseball Hall of Fame $6.00
Linda Bove 3x5 card Linda on Sesame Street; deaf actress $7.00
Rosemarie Bowe cut Pinup actress, Robert Stack's wife $8.00
Eddie Bowers cut2.5x4 Anyone know who this is?
Major Edward Bowes page, pasted  OTR Amateur Hour $18.00
Patricia Bowman cut  1930's Broadway actress  $6.00
Boy George 3x5 card British singer $12.00
William Boyd cut Hopalong Cassidy - signed as "Hoppy" $150.00
William Boyd cut SP4x8 sig black, tilt to see Hopalong Cassidy $175.00
Mary Boylan 3x5 card  Actress $6.00
Jack Brabham 3.5x5 card  Auto racing $6.00
Eddie Bracken 3x5 card Comic actor, Broadway and movies  $6.00
Eddie Bracken 3.5SP Comic actor, Broadway and movies  $8.00
Eddie Bracken SP8 w/ obituary Comic actor, Broadway and movies   $18.00
Ray Bradbury 3x5 card Author, Farenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles $25.00
Ray Bradbury 3x5 card w/drawing Author, Farenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles $40.00
Barbara Taylor Bradford 3x5 card  Author, actress  $6.00
Ben Bradlee 3x5 card VP/executive editor of Washington Post during Watergate $15.00
Ben Bradlee FDC VP/executive editor of Washington Post during Watergate  $16.00
Pat Brady cut  Roy Rogers sidekick $100.00
Bonnie Bramlett   Singer, Bonnie & Delaney $7.00
Marlon Brando SP Legendary actor  $560.00
X Brands 4x6 card  Actor, played an Indian in nearly 100 movies and TV shows $7.00
Keefe Brasselle SP7 w/CBS pub sheet, 1960 Variety show host, author, CBS executive, fired Jack Benny  $22.00
Peter Breck   Doc Holliday on Maverick, TV and movies since 1950's $6.00
Bobby Breen cut Child star, 1930's $8.00
Bobby Breen 3x5 card  Child star, 1930's $8.00
Bobby Breen photo clip Child star, 1930's $6.00
Tom Breneman page4.5x5.5 OTR host, Breakfast in Hollywood $7.00
Eileen Brennan 3x5 card  Zandra on Will & Grace, 80 film roles $6.00
Melissa Brennan 3x5 card  Melissa Brennan Reeves on Days of Our Lives  $6.00
Walter Brennan SP7, bent corner Signed as "Grandpa McCoy" $180.00
David Brenner 3x5 card Stand-up comedian, author $6.00
Bobbie Bresee   Yvonne Bartelo on Santa Barbara; "Scream Queen" of horror films $8.00
Teresa Brewer cut  Singer $6.00
Adrian Booth Brian 3x5 card  As Lorna Gray, actress in Three Stooges films, westerns, horror $10.00
Adrian Booth Brian 3x5 card Signed as "Mrs. David Booth" $9.00
Fanny Brice SP Comedienne in vaudeville, early radio  $300.00
James Bridges 3x5 card  Film writer--Urban Cowboy, The China Syndrome $7.00
Jeff Bridges 3x5 card* Actor  $8.00
Jeff Bridges 3.5x5 card Actor $8.00
Jeff Bridges 4x6 card Actor  $8,00
Jeff Bridges SP8-1 Actor, Tucker  $25.00
Jeff Bridges SP8-2 Actor, Tucker  $25.00
Jeff Bridges SP8-3 Actor, Tucker  $25.00
Lloyd Bridges 3x5 card Actor, Sea Hunt, Airplane! $28.00
Lloyd Bridges SP3.5x5 Actor, Sea Hunt, Airplane! $35.00
Donald Briggs page w/photo OTR Frank Merriwell, film actor in 1930's $15.00
Carl Brisson cut  Danish actor $12.00
Johnny Bristol cut  Singer, top 10 hit Hang On In There Baby $6.00
Morgan Brittany 3x5 card  Child star; used real name Suzanne Cupito in Gypsy (1962) $8.00
James Broderick 3x5 card  Early soap operas; Doug Lawrence in Family; Matthew's father $6.00
Malcolm Broderick page 4x5.5 Actor $6.00
Matthew Broderick 3x5 card Actor $9.00
Matthew Broderick 4x6 card  Actor   $9.00
Matthew Broderick 4.5x8SP Actor $10.00
Matthew Broderick w/2 others SPC8 With Sean Connery and Dustin Hoffman $125.00
Malcolm Brodrick   Early television child star born in Austria, Broadway and film $6.00
Rod Brogan 3x5 card  Actor in soap One Life To Live; Major Dad $6.00
James Brolin cut1 Actor   $10.00
James Brolin cut2 Actor   $10.00
John Bromfield SP8 Muscleman actor:  Westerns, adventure, war films, comedy, etc   $20.00
Charles Bronson 3x5 card Actor   $18.00
Charles Bronson "baseball card" Actor $18.00
Peter Brook and Natasha Parry page4x5.5 British husband & wife, he writes & directs; she acts $15.00
Hillary Brooke SP8 My Little Margie, Hitchcock films, classic Invaders From Mars $30.00
Albert Brooks 3x5 card Comedian, actor $8.00
Albert Brooks SP8 Comedian, actor  $18.00
Foster Brooks 3x5 card  Sloshed comedian; actor in westerns  $6.00
Phyllis Brooks 3x5 card 1930's/40's actress; Ipana girl $8.00
Tom Brookshier SP8 Sportscaster $8.00
Pierce Brosnan 4x6 card Actor  $16.00
Joyce Brothers 3x5 card  Psychologist  $6.00
Lionel Brough cut on card English actor, comedian, playwright - 1836-1909 $18.00
Louise Brough (b/w Johnny Morris) page British golfer; 3-time Wimbledon champion $10.00
Bobby Brown 3x5 card  Singer $6.00
Charles Brown 3x5 card  Rock & Roll HOF $22.00
Gerald Brown SP8 WWII Fighter Ace; 3 years POW $24.00
Helen Gurley Brown 3x5 card Cosmopolitan magazine  $6.00
Jackie Brown BB Baseball $6.00
Jim Ed Brown 3x5 card  Country singer, earlier with The Browns (The Three Bells, 1959) $6.00
Johnny Brown 3x5 card  Black actor/comedian, regular on Laugh-In, Flip Wilson $6.00
Josephine Brown page 4.5x5.5  Actress, early days of television; The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone $6.00
Les Brown 3x5 card  Big Band, Bob Hope $15.00
Les Brown page Big Band, Bob Hope $18.00
Peter Brown 3x5 card  Handsome cowboy star, Laredo and Lawman $8.00
Phil Brown 3.5x5 card  Uncle Owen Lars in Star Wars $7.00
Reb Brown 3x5 card  Title roles in Yor, Captain America, Jim Bridger on Centennial  $6.00
Ruben Brown Phone card Football $6.00
T. Graham Brown 3x5 card  Country singer  $6.00
William F. Brown 3x5 card  Playwright, The Wiz $6.00
Kale Browne 3x5 card Soap opera actor: One Life to Live, Another World, General Hospital, many movies $7.00
Carol Bruce 3x5 card  Singer, actress $6.00
Carol Bruce postcard Singer, Actress $6.00
Wally Bruner 3x5 card  Host, What's My Line, 1968 - 1972 $6.00
Ellen Bry 3x5 card Shirley Daniels on St. Elsewhere; Star Trek; 1st Superman movie $6.00
Art Buchwald 3x5 card  Pulitzer Prize winner, humorist, newspaper columnist  $6.00
Betty Buckley ltr Eight Is Enough $12.00
Betty Buckley SP8 Eight Is Enough $38.00
Milton Buckner page4x6 Jazz keyboardist $18.00
Genevieve Bujold 3.5x5 card  Actress  $6.00
Dave Burba BB UD 94 Baseball $6.00
Dave Burba BB UD 96 Baseball $6.00
Dave Burba BB UD 97 Baseball $6.00
Dave Burba BBFleer98 Baseball $6.00
Patricia Burke (b/w Vera Lynn) page Actress $30.00
Donny Burks 3x5 card  Broadway actor/dancer, Remmy in the movie Shaft $6.00
Carol Burnett 3x5 card Comedienne  $12.00
Carol Burnett SP3 Comedienne  $14.00
George Burns SP8 Vaudeville, radio, TV comedian (photo of George Burns & Gracie Allen, signed by George)  $65.00
George Burns III 3x5 card  Pro golfer $6.00
Raymond Burr 3x5 card  TV's Perry Mason, Ironsides $40.00
Jeff Burroughs BB on card star outfielder, major league All-Star 1974, 1978 $6.00
Bill Burrud 3.5x5 folded card, stained  Child actor who later produced nature shows (Animal World) $6.00
Ellen Burstyn 3x5 card  Six Oscar nominations for Best Actress, one win (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore $8.00
Ellen Burstyn SP8  Six Oscar nominations for Best Actress, one win (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore $25.00
Richard Burton cut 3x4.5 Actor  $110.00
Richard Burton Poster Actor  $200.00
Richard Burton SP8 Actor  $200.00
Gary Busey 3.5x5 card* Actor  $10.00
Dean Butler 3x5 card Almanzo on Little House $6.00
Yancy Butler 4x6 card Actress $6.00
Red Buttons 3x5 card  Oscar winner $10.00
Red Buttons 3x5* card  Oscar winner $10.00
Ruth Buzzi   Comedienne, Laugh-In  $6.00
Spring Byington SP8 Actress, December Bride $50.00
John Byner 3x5 card Comedian, impressionist  $6.00
John Byner SP8 Comedian, impressionist  $8.00
Hal Bynum 3x5 card  Country songwriter (Lucille) $6.00
Charlie Byrd 3.5x5 card  Jazz guitarist  $12.00
Harry Byrd Jr letter United States senator from Virginia $25.00
Gabriel Byrne 3x5 card*(bent) Broadway actor (Tony nomination), film, TV, producer, writer $6.00
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes 3x5 card 77 Sunset Strip $7.00
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes postcard 77 Sunset Strip $7.00
Tom Byrum BB Golfer $6.00

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