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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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Russell Wade 3x5 card    
Lawrence Walch FDC    
Porter Wagoner 3x5 card   $8.00
Bertha Walden      
Jerry Jeff Walker BB music Country/folk singer, wrote Mr. Bojangles $6.00
Mort Walker 3x5 card Beetle Bailey cartoonist $25.00
Kenny Wallace 3x5 card Auto racing  
Marcia Wallace     $8.00
Mike Wallace cut   $16.00
Mike Wallace SP7   $26.00
Eli Wallach 3x5 card Smudge in "Eli" $6.00
Roberta Wallach 3x5 card   $6.00
Denny Walling BB Baseball $6.00
David Walsh cut from postcard Massachusetts governor, senator WWI era $10.00
Lawrence Walsh      
Ray Walston 3x5 card   $15.00
Jessica Walter 3x5 card   $6.00
Jessica Walter SP   $20.00
Tracey Walter 3x5 card Batman $10.00
Barbara Walters 3x5 card   $9.00
Hal Wamsley 3.5x5 card Star Wars  
Judge Wapner 3x5 card   $6.00
Irene Ward      
Rodger Ward 3x5 card Auto racing--Indy 500 winner $18.00
Rodger Ward 3.5x5 card Auto racing--Indy 500 winner $18.00
Sela Ward SP8   $35.00
David Warfield   Shakespearean actor $32.00
Paul Warfield 3x5 card    
William Warfield 3x5 card Smear on one letter $12.00
Steve Wariner     $6.00
Don Warren 3x5 card    
Ruth Warrick 3x5 card   $9.00
Denzel Washington SP8 Oscar $55.00
C.M. Wassell     $42.00
Willard Waterman 3x5 card OTR Great Gildersleeve $15.00
Bunny Waters 3x5 card    
Andre Waters BB football NFL  
Ethel Waters     $48.00
Sam Waterston 3x5 card Law & Order $10.00
John Wathan BB Baseball $6.00
Angela Watson 3x5 card    
Doug Watson      
Emily Watson 4x6 card    
Tom Watson 3x5 card Golfer $8.00
A.J. Watson 3.5x5 card Auto racing $6.00
Aissa Wayne      
Jerry Wayne      
Sean Weatherly 3x5 card    
Dennis Weaver SP   $50.00
Fritz Weaver 3x5 card   $6.00
Pat Weaver 3x5 card    
Clifton Webb     $32.00
Andrew Lloyd Weber 3x5 card    
Mary Webster      
Sarah Weddington 3x5 card    
Bill Wegman BB Baseball $6.00
Benjamin Weir 3x5 card   $10.00
(Art) Butch Weis 3x5 card   $22.00
Johnny Weismuller 3x5 card    
Bob Welch      
Joan Weldon cut Actress, westerns, horror (Them!)  
Dawn Wells 3x5 card Signed "Rescue Me!" Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island $8.00
Kitty Wells 3x5 card    
George Wendt 4x6 card    
Chuck Wepner 3x5 card Boxing  
Buster West cut Actor  
Wally West 3x5 card    
David Wheaton      
Ian Whitcomb 3x5 card Singer, author  
Charles Whitcombe Tobacco card No signature  
Byron White 3x5 card Football / US Supreme Court $45.00
Frank White SP3 Baseball  
Hal White 3x5 card    
Jesse White   Maytag repairman; Harvey $25.00
Newman Ivey White   Scholar, American Negro folk songs; 2 vols on Shelley  
Tony Joe White 3x5 card Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head  
Thelma White 3x5 card    
Vanna White   Wheel of Fortune $22.00
Margaret Whiting 3x5 card   $9.00
James Whitmore SP8   $16.00
Robert Whitney 3x5 card    
Ernie Whitt BB Baseball $6.00
Margaret Whitton 3x5 card    
Jamie Widdoes 3x5 card    
Howard Wierum contract    
Al Widmar   Baseball  
Elie Wiesel 3.5x5 card Nobel prize $18.00
Dianne Wiest 3x5 card Oscar $18.00
Wild Rose      
Cornell Wilde SP8   $32.00
Hoyt Wilhelm SPC8 Baseball $18.00
Pat Wilkes      
Fred Willard 3x5 card   $8.00
Andy Williams 3x5 card    
Cindy Williams SP8 Shirley on Laverne & Shirley  
Emlyn Williams   Playright  
Greg Alan Williams 3x5 card    
Gregory Alan Williams SP    
Hugh Williams contract    
JoBeth Williams 3x5 card    
Joe Williams 3x5 card Blues singer $15.00
Paul Williams 3x5 card Songwriter, actor $8.00
Robin Williams 3x5 card Oscar $20.00
Robin Williams 3.5x5 card Oscar $20.00
Robin Williams 4x6 card Oscar $20.00
Robin Williams SP8 Oscar $42.00
Robin Williams SP8.5 Oscar $50.00
Tom Williams      
Treat Williams 3x5 card   $6.00
Treat Williams contract   $20.00
Treat Williams SP8   $18.00
Norman Willis ltr    
Henry Wils      
Carnie Wilson 3x5 card   $9.00
Dick Wilson 3x5 card   $8.00
Don Wilson contract Jack Benny announcer  
Elizabeth Wilson 3x5 card    
Larry Wilson 3.5x5 card Football NFL Hall of Fame  
Marie Wilson     $23.00
Owen Wilson 4x6 card    
Rick Wilson Jockey card Jockey  
Wayne Wilson contract    
William Windom     $6.00
Marie Windsor 3x5 card Westerns $6.00
Paul Winfield 3x5 card   $6.00
Henry Winkler 3x5 card The Fonz $6.00
Henry Winkler SP The Fonz $28.00
Mare Winningham SP8   $26.00
Kate Winslet 3x5 card    
Shelley Winters 3x5 card Oscar $8.00
William Wintersole 3x5 card    
Jamie Wippoes      
Robert Wise 3x5 card Two Oscars, film director, Sound of Music, West Side Story $13.00
Jane Withers 3x5 card   $8.00
Jimmy Witherspoon 3x5 card Blues singer $15.00
Ira Wohl      
Jeanne Wolf 3x5 card Entertainment Tonight  
Tony Wonder b/w Jerry Lester page Actor  
Willie Wood BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
John Wooden 3.5x5 card Purdue All-American, UCLA coach $12.00
Gene Woodling   Baseball  
Donald Woods 3x5 card   $12.00
Donald Woods 3x5 card w/ list of shows   $12.00
James Woods 4x6 card    
James Woods SP8   $40.00
James Woods  SP8.5   $45.00
Morgan Woodward 3x5 card   $6.00
Sheb Wooley 3x5 card Purple People Eater $15.00
Irene Worth 3x5 card   $10.00
Irene Worth 3.5x5 card    
Michelle Wright BB country Country singer $6.00
Fay Wray page King Kong $45.00
Robert Wrenn BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Jane Wyatt 3x5 card   $6.00
Sharon Wyatt 3x5 card    
Jane Wyman     $16.00
Ed Wynn cut OTR, The Perfect Fool, vaudeville, early TV  
Ed Wynn SP OTR, The Perfect Fool $100.00
Cale Yarborough 3x5 card Auto racing  
Lorene Yarnell 3x5 card   $6.00
Peter Yarrow 3.5x5 card Peter, Paul & Mary  
Amy Yasback 3x5 card    
Michael York     $8.00
Alan Young 3x5 card   $12.00
Don Young SP8 That's Another Story  
Georgianna Young 3x5 card    
Gig Young check    
Robert Young     $22.00
Sean Young SP8   $32.00
Pia Zadora SP8   $20.00
Jim Zapp 3x5 card Baseball--Negro league $8.00
Gus Zernial 3x5 card Baseball--All-Star $6.00
Jacklyn Zeman SP   $10.00
Efrem Zimbalist Jr cut-pencil Actor, 77 Sunset Strip $6.00
Stephanie Zimbalist SP8    
Gary Zimmerman BB football Pro football $6.00
David Zucker 3x5 card    
Antony Zungolo page violinist  


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