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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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Johnny Oates BB Baseball $6.00
Margaret O'Brien 3x5 card    $14.00
Martha O'Driscoll 3x5 card    $6.00
Chad Ogea BB 95 Baseball $6.00
Chad Ogea BB 96 Baseball $6.00
Maureen O'Hara     $14.00
Quinn O'Keefe      
Jimmy Oliphant page Big D show
Edward James Olmos 4x6 card
Nancy Olson 3x5 card    $6.00
David Olyphant SP
Ryan O'Neal SP8   $26.00
Jennifer O'Neill 3x5 card    $6.00
Jess Oppenheimer 3x5 card  I Love Lucy creator / writer $16.00
Jesse Orosco BB Baseball $6.00
Dan O'Rourke SP5
Donovan Osbourne SPC8 Baseball $7.00
Maureen O'Sullivan     $15.00
Maurice Ottinger contract
Buck Owens BB music Country star $8.00
Willard Owing contract
Al Pacino     $18.00
Kelly Packard 4x6 card
Patti Page 3x5 card    $6.00
Debra Paget   Broken Arrow $12.00
Debra Paget SP8 Broken Arrow $22.00
Janis Paige 3x5 card    $8.00
Donn Pall BB Baseball $6.00
Betsy Palmer 3x5 card    $6.00
Gregg Palmer 3x5 card    $9.00
Gwyneth Paltrow     $18.00
Michael Pare 3x5 card    $6.00
Eleanor Parker 3x5 card    $6.00
Eleanor Parker 4x6 card $6.00
Frank Parker SP8, water damage Jack Benny's first vocalist in 1930's, later vocalist for Arthur Godfrey $55.00
Rick Parker BB Baseball $6.00
Suzy Parker 3x5 card  Model $8.00
Suzy Parker 3.5x5 card Model $8.00
Bert Parks cut    $8.00
Bert Parks 3x5 card
Bert Parks SP7   $24.00
Bert Parks SP8   $28.00
Tammy Parks 3x5 card     
Mel Parnell   Baseball $6.00
Natasha Perry b/w Peter Brook page4x5.5 British husband & wife, he writes & directs; she acts $15.00
Benny Parsons 3.5x5 card  Auto racing $8.00
Estelle Parsons     $6.00
Dolly Parton 4x6 card
Max Patkin   Clown Prince of Baseball $8.00
Jason Patric 3x5 card
Bob Patterson BB Baseball $6.00
Neva Patterson 3x5 card     
Sandy Patti 3x5 card
Richard Paul SP8    
Bill Paxton SP8 Actor, film director $35.00
Corey Pavin 3x5 card  Golfer  
David Paymer 3x5 card     
Julie Payne SP    
Al Pearce page OTR
Jack Pearl 3x5 card
Beatrice Pearson contract
David Pearson 3.5x5 card   Auto racing $6.00
Drew Pearson 3x5 card     
Cecilia Peck 3x5 card     
Al Pedrique BB Baseball $6.00
Dave Pell   Musician  
Joe Penner   OTR--Wanna Buy a Duck? $20.00
Rosie Perez 3x5 card    $12.00
William Perlberg studio receipt
Gigi Perreau 3x5 card     
Barbara Perry cut     
Luke (Lucas) Perry 3x5 card    $18.00
William "Refrigerator" Perry 3.5x5 card  Chicago Bears Superbowl team $6.00
Joe Pesci SP8   $48.00
Jim Peterik / Frankie Sullivan 3x5 card Rock group Survivor (Eye of the Tiger)
Gerald Peters contract
Roberta Peters 3x5 card
Paul Petersen   Son on Donna Reed Show, singer $8.00
Richard Petty 3.5x5 card  Auto racing $12.00
Bill Phillips   Country singer $8.00
Mackenzie Phillips SP8 Actress $28.00
Michelle Phillips 3x5 card  Mamas & Papas $12.00
Lou Diamond Phillips SP8   $26.00
Paul Picerni 3x5 card     
Molly Picon cut
Joe Pignatano SP8 Sopranos  
Joe Piscopo 3x5 card  Saturday Night Live $8.00
Joan Plowright 3x5 card     
Sidney Poitier 3x5 card  Oscar $20.00
Sidney Pollack 3x5 card Oscar, film director $12.00
Sidney Pollack 3.5x5 card Oscar, film director $12.00
Markie Post 3x5 card    $6.00
Markie Post SP8   $18.00
Tom Poston 3x5 card    $7.00
Peter Potter      
Paula Poundstone 3x5 card
Maury Povich 3x5 card
Dick Powell sheet music
Jane Powell 3x5 card    $8.00
Jimmy Powell BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Maryann Power      
Ted Power BB Baseball $6.00
Mala Powers 3x5 card  OTR, many parts; "B" movie queen (westerns and science fiction films) $8.00
Johnny Powers 45 rpm record Hillbilly singer  
Otto Preminger cut  Film director $45.00
Ed Prentiss 3x5 card (pencil) OTR, played Captain Midnight $12.00
Paula Prentiss 3x5 card    $8.00
Paula Prentiss 3.5x5 card $8.00
Kirk Presley BB Baseball $6.00
Vincent Price lobby card
Charley Pride 3x5 card    $7.00
Aileen Pringle 3x5 card    $14.00
Serge Prokofieff     $350.00
Mike Proly BB Baseball $6.00
William Proxmire SP8 Senator from Wisconsin
Roger Pryor SP   $35.00
Puff Daddy SPC85 Rap Star $35.00
Bill Pullman 3x5 card    $15.00
Lee Purcell 3x5 card   $6.00
Pure Prairie League (entire group)     $10.00
Tom Purtzer BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Mary Quant SP8 60's English fashion designer $8.00
Linnea Quigley      
Eddie Quillan 3x5 card    $18.00
Kathleen Quinlan 3x5 card Actress, Apollo 13, etc
Anthony Quinn 3x5 card
Carmel Quinn SP8   $12.00
Professor Quiz SP OTR $16.00
Meinhardt Raabe check endorsement Oz Munchkin
Alan Rachins 3x5 card     
G? Radner Boy Scout official?
Gilda Radner     $65.00
Kaye Lani Rae Rafko-Wilson 3x5 card    $7.00
George Raft cut    $40.00
Kay Raht   OTR--Henry Aldrich's mother $8.00
Ford Rainey 3x5 card  Signed on both sides of card  $6.00
Bonnie Raitt SP   $26.00
Esther Ralston 3x5 card Olympics skater $9.00
Vera Ralston 3x5 card   $8.00
Sally Rand   Fan dancer, 1939 World's Fair $36.00
Tony Randall 3x5 card    $8.00
John Randolph      
John Randolph SP8    
Joyce Randolph 3.5x5 card  Art Carney's wife Trixie on The Honeymooners $8.00
Mimi Randolph contract
Dan Rather 3x5 card   $7.00
Jim Rathmann 3.5x5 card  Auto racing; Indy 500 winner - 1960 $18.00
John Ratzenberger 4x6 card
Eddie Raven BB country Country singer $6.00
Margaret Rawlings      
Johnnie Ray cut  Fifties singer, "Cry" $12.00
Gene Raymond 3x5 card    $8.00
Kay Rea (signed as Kay Kimber) b/w ? Davis page
Harry Reasoner 3x5 card
Helen Reddy BB music Pop singer $8.00
Quinn Redeker 4x6 card     
Robert Redford Lobby card   $120.00
Robert Redford / Brad Pitt SP8   $150.00
Lynn Redgrave 3x5 card    $6.00
Lynn Redgrave SP   $18.00
Jerry Reed BB music  Country singer, actor $6.00
Lou Reed 3x5 card
Ava Reeve card
Elliott Reid 3x5 card     
Tim Reid 3x5 card WKRP Venus Flytrap $6.00
Carl Reiner 3.5x5 card    $8.00
Carl Reiner FDC   $9.00
Rob Reiner 3x5 card    $8.00
Judge Reinhold 3x5 card    $6.00
Elizabeth Reller SP5
Regina Resnik   Opera $16.00
Merv Rettenmund BB Baseball $6.00
Burt Reynolds 3x5 card    $12.00
Debbie Reynolds 3.5x5 card    $10.00
William Reynolds SP   $12.00
Billie Rhodes 3x5 card    $12.00
Grandon Rhodes      
Tad (Richard?) Rhyan 3x5 card  Golfer $6.00
Christina Ricci 3x5 card
Christina Ricci SP8   $45.00
Frances Rich      
Beah Richards 3x5 card    
Michael Richards 4x6 card
Alexander Richardson SP5 Carnegie Hall organist, 1930s $15.00
Don Rickles 3x5 card
Tommy Riggs     $6.00
Molly Ringwald 3x5 card    $12.00
Cyril Ritchard cut on card  Cut into name $16.00
John Ritter 3x5 card
Phil Rizzuto 3x5 card  Baseball $10.00
Jason Robards 3x5 card  Oscar $16.00
Jason Robards SP Oscar $24.00
Dean Robb      
Tim Robbins 3x5 card
Anne Starr Roberts contract
Beverly Roberts cut on card     
Julia Roberts 3x5 card
R.J. Roberts 3x5 card  Nobel prize 1993  
R.J. Roberts SP Nobel prize 1993  
Ted Jan Roberts 3x5 card     
Tony Roberts 3x5 card
Cliff Robertson cut Charley $16.00
Cliff Robertson SP Charley $32.00
Brooks Robinson 3x5 card
Cynthia Robinson contract
Dale Robertson
Rad Robinson   Westerns  
Rad Robinson ltr Westerns  
Smokey Robinson check
Chris Rock 4x6 card
F.F. Rockwell b/w Genevieve Rowe, Sylvia Froos page garden author
Robert Rockwell 3x5 card  OTR Mr. Boynton on Our Miss Brooks, radio and TV $9.00
Jimmie Rodgers cut on card  Kisses Sweeter Than Wine $7.00
Buddy Rogers     $8.00
Fred Rogers cut  Mr. Rogers $10.00
Kenny Rogers 3x5 card $18.00
Kenny Rogers BB music   $20.00
Paul Rogers      
Trista Rogers 3x5 card     
Wayne Rogers 4x6 card M*A*S*H $8.00
Will Rogers cut   $240.00
Al Roker SP8   $6.00
Esther Rolle 3x5 card    $11.00
Sonny Rollins 3x5 card  Jazz $24.00
Cesar Romero     $28.00
Ed Romero BB Baseball $6.00
Mickey Rooney 3x5 card*   $18.00
Mickey Rooney 4x6 card $15.00
Danny Rose Associate producer Scrubs $6.00
Tim Rose 3.5x5 card  Star Wars   
Bill Ross contract
Rindy Ross 3x5 card
Martha Rountree b/w Garfield Todd page     
Mickey Rourke 3x5 card    $16.00
Boyd Rowden sheet music songwriter, Some Other Girl in Some Other Port, 1930 $12.00
Genevieve Rowe      
Victoria Rowell 3x5 card     
Gena Rowlands 3x5 card    $8.00
Gena Rowlands 3.5x5 card $8.00
Benny Rubin      
David Rubinoff page Classical violinist, Eddie Cantor Show, played a Stradivarius
David Rubinoff SP8 and letter Classical violinist, Eddie Cantor Show, played a Stradivarius $90.00
Evelyn Rudie cut     
Melvin Ruick contract
Tom Ruisinger contract
Janice Rule      
Tom Rush      
Bill Russell BB Baseball $6.00
Bing Russell 3x5 card
Harold Russell 3x5 card  Oscar $12.00
Keri Russell 4x6 card
Mark Russell 3x5 card    $6.00
Misha Russell      
Theresa Russell 3x5 card    $7.00
Rene Russo 3x5 card   $15.00
Susan Ruttan 3x5 card
Bobby Rydell 3x5 card $12.00
Bobby Rydell 3.5x5 card $12.00


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