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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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         Category (OTR = Old Time Radio)


James Caan "baseball card" Actor $8.00
James Caan press release For Hide in Plain Sight $18.00
Herb Caen page Pulitzer-prize winning columnist $10.00
Sid Caesar 3x5 card Early TV pioneer; comedian $12.00
Sid Caesar SP3.5x4.5 $12.00
Nicholas Cage 3x5 card Oscar $12.00
Nicholas Cage SP8 Oscar $36.00
Sammy Cahn cut Academy award winning songwriter $16.00
Sammy Cahn 3x5 card Academy award winning songwriter $16.00
John Paul Cain BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Michael Caine   Oscar $16.00
Michael Caine SP8 Oscar $32.00
Buzz Calkins 3x5 card  Auto racing $6.00
Buzz Calkins 3.5x5 card Auto racing $6.00
Michael Callan 3.5x5 card Soap One Life To Live; films Because They're Young, The Interns $7.00
Cab Calloway cut Bebop Singer, Blues Brothers $35.00
John Calvert   Magician  $8.00
Corinne Calvet cut  Sultry actress  $8.00
Corinne Calvet SP Sultry actress  $18.00
Godfrey Cambridge cut  African-American comedian, actor  $22.00
Marlene Cameron / Michael Kidd   Broadway $12.00
Glen Campbell 3x5 card Singer Gentle On My Mind, Wichita Lineman, By the Time I Get To Phoenix, Rhinestone Cowboy  $6.00
Stephen J. Cannell 3x5 card Producer $6.00
Freddy Cannon 3x5 card  Teen idol singer, Palisades Park  $8.00
Judy Canova   OTR $15.00
Eddie Cantor cut Actor, singer, movies, radio, early television; great entertainer  $65.00
Yakima Canutt 3x5 card  Oscar; cowboy stunt man $25.00
Peter Capell contract Screen Guild radio contract, 1953, US Steel Corp show $20.00
John Cappelletti 3.5x5 card  Football, Heisman trophy winner $14.00
Captain Kangaroo 3x5 card Kiddie show host $12.00
Kate Capshaw SP8 Actress $25.00
Captain & Tennille 3x5 card  Singers; Grammy for Love Will Keep Us Together  $18.00
Harry Carey Jr   Cowboy star  $8.00
Harry Carey Jr SP8 Cowboy star  $22.00
Kitty Carlisle 3x5 card  OTR, TV quiz shows $6.00
Mary Carlisle 3x5 card  Blonde actress of the 1930's  $8.00
Fran Carlon 3x5 card As the World Turns, versatile old-time radio actress $6.00
Edward Carlson SP8 President United Airlines $6.00
Tyce Carlson 3x5 card  Auto racing $6.00
Don Carman BB Baseball; wrote a famous list of stock responses to reporters' questions $6.00
Dorothy Carnegie   Author; wife of Dale Carnegie $7.00
Kim Carnes 3x5 card w/drawing  Bette Davis Eyes singer $8.00
Art Carney 3x5 card Actor, Ed Norton on The Honeymooners  $15.00
Art Carney 3.5x5 card Actor, Ed Norton on The Honeymooners  $15.00
Art Carney SP8 Actor, Ed Norton on The Honeymooners  $28.00
Leslie Caron cut  Actress (Gigi, Lili), dancer  $10.00
Leslie Caron SP7 Actress (Gigi, Lili), dancer  $30.00
Vikki Carr 3x5 card Mexican-American singer, It Must Be Him  $6.00
Barbara Carrara 4x6 card James Bond girl $8.00
Tia Carrere 4x6 card Hawaian actress, Wayne's World "megababe " $12.00
Tia Carrere SPC8 Hawaian actress, Wayne's World "megababe " $32.00
Pat Carroll 3x5 card  Actress:  movies, TV, Broadway, voice of Ursula in Little Mermaid  $10.00
Kitty & Peter Carruthers 3x5 card  Olympic figure skaters  $12.00
Jack Carson cut  Movie actor, radio comedian, television host  $16.00
Jeannie Carson SP7 Actress, film and Broadway $8.00
Ken Carson cut on card Member of Sons of the Pioneers; western actor $6.00
Paul Carson letter OTR, organist One Man's Family composed and played theme $15.00
Peggy Carson   Actress  $6.00
Benny Carter 3x5 card  Jazz musician $40.00
Carlene Carter 3x5 card  Country singer, daughter of legend Carl Smith and June Carter Cash $6.00
Don Carter 3x5 card  Voted Greatest Bowlerof All Time $8.00
Georgianna Carter   Starred in cult film The Wild Ride with Jack Nicholson $6.00
Jack Carter 3x5 card Comedian, actor, had his own show in early TV $8.00
Kevin Carter SP Football $6.00
Sally "Sol" Carter 3x5 card Baseball, Philadelphia Athletics 1931 $6.00
Gabrielle Carteris 3x5 card  Andrea Zuckerman on Beverly Hills 90210  $6.00
Veronica Cartwright SP Child and adult actress; X-Files  $16.00
Anthony Caruso 4x6 card  Great character actor  $20.00
Stoney Case BB football Football $6.00
Johnny Cash   Country singer  $30.00
Billy Casper 3.5x5 card  Golf $8.00
Joanna Cassidy SP8 Movies, TV - Margaret Chenoweth on Six Feet Under  $14.00
Oleg Cassini SP8 Fahsion designer for Jackie Kennedy, Hollywood stars $10.00
Mary Castle cut  Westerns, Rita Hayworth lookalike $8.00
Phoebe Cates 3x5 card  Sultry actress  $12.00
Bruce Catton 3x5 card  Pulitzer, Civil War expert $40.00
Carmen Cavallaro cut on card  Big Band leader $12.00
Thomas R. Cech SP Nobel Prize for chemistry  $22.00
Al Cervi 3x5 card  Pro Basketball Hall of Fame  $7.00
Ron Cey 3x5 card  Baseball $6.00
Richard Chamberlain SP Actor, The Thorn Birds, Shogun, television's Dr. Kildare  $18.00
Albert B. "Happy" Chandler   Baseball commissioner $25.00
George Chandler 3x5 card SAG Pres, Uncle Petri on Lassie, appeared in 373 movies! $10.00
Brian Chapin contract Actor, films, Broadway $12.00
Lauren Chapin 3x5 card  "Kitten" on Father Knows Best $12.00
Tom Chapin 3x5 card  Singer; Big Blue Marble $6.00
Marguerite Chapman 3x5 card  Sultry actress; OTR $7.00
Bob Charles 3x5 card  PGA $6.00
Charo 3x5 card  Actress, Hollywood Squares  $6.00
Charo SP8 Actress, Hollywood Squares  $8.00
Chevy Chase 3x5 card  Comedian, actor  $8.00
Barry Cheesman 3x5 card  PGA $6.00
Eddie Cheever 3x5 card  1998 Indianapolis 500 winner $6.00
Eddie Cheever 3.5x5 card 1998 Indianapolis 500 winner $6.00
Frank Chelf 3x5 card  Kentucky congressman  $10.00
Diana Chesney 3x5 card  Character actress, 1940s-1980s $7.00
Maurice Chevalier cut Singer, dancer, actor  $50.00
Alvin Childress cut Amos on TV's Amos & Andy $55.00
Lois Chiles 3x5 card  James Bond girl $8.00
Bill Christopher 3x5 card Father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H $6.00
Seymour Chwast 3x5 card  Artist $15.00
Eric Clapton 3x5 card Legendary guitarist (Yardbirds, Cream, Derek & the Dominoes) $45.00
Billy Clark   Pa Kettle $8.00
Candy Clark 3x5 card  Oscar nomination for  American Graffiti  $6.00
Dane Clark 3x5 card  Actor:  film, Broadway, television, stock  $12.00
Dane Clark Playbill   Actor:  film, Broadway, television, stock  $22.00
Dick Clark 3x5 card  American Bandstand $8.00
Doran Clark 3x5 card  Actress, several TV series  $6.00
Lon Clark cut on card  OTR Nick Carter, Detective $12.00
Petula Clark 3x5 card  "Downtown" $8.00
Roy Clark 3x5 card  Country singer, expert instrumentalist:  guitar, banjo, mandolin  $6.00
Susan Clark 3x5 card  Canadian actress; mom on Webster  $6.00
Richard Clarke 3x5 card  Character actor, Broadway and films  $6.00
Robert Clary 3x5 card  Hogan's Heroes  $6.00
Robert Clary 3.5x5 card Hogan's Heroes $6.00
Keith Clearwater BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Montgomery Clift cut  Legendary actor  $220.00
Glenn Close 3x5 card  Oscar $20.00
Jerry Clower 3x5 card  Country comedian  $6.00
Charles Coburn cut on card  Oscar $40.00
James Coburn SPC8 Oscar  $30.00
James Coburn SP8.5 Oscar  $30.00
Steve Cochran SP8 Perennial "bad guy" in 1940's/50's movies  $25.00
David Allen Coe 3x5 card Country rebel singer, You Never Even Called Me By My Name  $7.00
Susie Coelho 3x5 card  Model, actress, HGTV hostess  $6.00
Frank "Junior" Coghlan   Child actor; played Captain Marvel in the classic serial $12.00
David Cole contract Actor, 1940s-1990s $18.00
Nancy Coleman 3x5 card  OTR, TV soaps Edge of Night, Ryan's Hope $6.00
Pat Colgan   Baseball; Eastern League (Scranton), later scout for the Dodgers $8.00
Constance Collier small card British Shakespearean actress, early 1900's; also taught acting $20.00
Erwin Collier BB football Football $6.00
Charles Collingwood   CBS war reporter in Murrow era; hosted Eyewitness to History   $6.00
Charles Collingwood SP8 CBS war reporter in Murrow era; hosted Eyewitness to History  $20.00
Jackie Collins 3x5 card  Actress, author  $8.00
Jessi Colter 3x5 card  Waylon Jenning's wife $6.00
Nadia Comaneci 3x5 card Olympic Gold gymnast $12.00
Sean Combs "Puff Daddy" SPC8.5 Rap star $45.00
Perry Como 3x5 card  Barber turned crooner, hundreds of hits in the 1950's $12.00
John Conlee 3x5 card  Rose Colored Glasses $6.00
Tim Conley 3x5 card  PGA $6.00
Sean Connery SPC8 James Bond  $100.00
Sean Connery w/2 others SPC8 With Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick $125.00
Ray Conniff 3x5 card  Trombonist, arranger, Ray Conniff Singers, Somewhere My Love  $18.00
Walter Connolly cut  OTR, 1st Charlie Chan, Nero Wolfe on film $75.00
Mike Connors 3x5 card Mannix  $8.00
Mike Connors 3.5x5 card Mannix  $8.00
William Conrad 3x5 card  Matt Dillon on radio's Gunsmoke; TV's Cannon $35.00
William Conrad SP8 Matt Dillon on radio's Gunsmoke; TV's Cannon $55.00
William Conrad SPC8 Matt Dillon on radio's Gunsmoke; TV's Cannon $55.00
Bob Considine 3x5 card  Sportswriter, war correspondent, syndicated columnist  $.10.00
Tim Considine b/w Audrene Brier page Oldest son Mike on My Three Sons, starred as Frank Hardy in Disney's Hardy Boys and Spin in Spin and Marty $20.00
Bill Conti 3x5 card  Oscar winner, Emmy winner, film composer (The Karate Kid, etc)  $12.00
Bert Convy 3x5 card TV game show host   $12.00
Tommy Cook SP8 - clipped OTR child actor, teen movie actor (Red Ryder's Little Beaver), later pro tennis player $10.00
Alistair Cooke 3x5 card  Letter from America, Omnibus  $15.00
Peter Cookson 3x5 card Actor:  movies 1940's, television 1950's $6.00
Denton Cooley MD 3.5x4.5card  Pioneering heart surgeon  $12.00
Ben Cooper SP8 Cowboy actor, movies and television  $.8.00
Gary Cooper 3.5x2.25 cut pencil - may be fake? Legendary actor $150.00
Gary Cooper SP8 Legendary actor  $425.00
Derrike Cope 3x5 card  Auto racing $6.00
Joan Copeland 3x5 card  Soaps, movies, television  $6.00
David Copperfield   Magician $12.00
David Copperfield SP Magician $25.00
Francis Ford Coppola 3x5 card  Film Director, Oscar $32.00
Alex Cord FDC Actor, Airwolf  $7.00
Katharine Cornell cut  Actress (Broadway, film), producer  $20.00
Katherine Cornell / Jetta Goudal   Actress (Broadway, film), producer / 1920's-30's actress for Cecil B. DeMille  $24.00
Pat Corrales BB Baseball $6.00
Adrienne Corri scream queen; A Clockwork Orange $10.00
Bill Cosby 3x5 card Comedian, actor  $10.00
Mary Costa 3x5 card  Voice of Sleeping Beauty, opera star $10.00
Mary Costa 3.5x5 card Voice of Sleeping Beauty, opera star $10.00
Paddy Costello 3x5 card  New Zealand diplomat / alleged spy  $10.00
Kevin Costner 3x5 card Oscar $24.00
Kevin Costner 4x6 card Oscar $24.00
Kevin Costner SPC8 Oscar $50.00
Carolina Cotton 3x5 card  America's favorite yodeling cowgirl; actress; creator Hollywood Barn Dance $10.00
Catherine Countiss   Silent movie actress  $12.00
Hazel Court   Sultry siren, cult figure, scream queen, horror films $8.00
Hazel Court SP8 Sultry siren, cult figure, scream queen, horror films $32.00
Ronny Cox 3x5 card  Star Trek, Deliverance, Beverly Hills Cop, etc  $6.00
Wally Cox SP7 Mr. Peepers on early TV, Hollywood Squares, Brando's roomate $65.00
Peter Coyote 3x5 card Actor, over 80 films $10.00
Billy "Crash" Craddock SPC8 Country singer, "Rub It In", holding mike, signed as "Crash" $15.00
Billy "Crash" Craddock SPC8 Country singer, "Rub It In", hands on hips, signed as "Crash" $15.00
Floyd Cramer 3x5 card  Pianist; Country Music Hall of Fame  $15.00
Marc Cramer 2x5.5 cut Actor, 1930s - 1940s (b/w Broadway actor Michael Ames) $8.00
Wes Craven 3x5 card Director of horror films:  Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, etc  $10.00
Cindy Crawford 4x6 card Supermodel
Michael Crawford 3x5 card  Actor, singer; Tony winner; Hello Dolly!, Phantom of the Opera $20.00
Michael Crawford 3.5x5.5card Actor, singer; Tony winner; Hello Dolly!, Phantom of the Opera $20.00
Richard Crenna 3x5 card Our Miss BrooksThe Real McCoys, Hot Shots! Park Deux $10.00
Michael Crichton   "Father of the Techno-Thriller;" wrote Jurassic Park, etc. $14.00
Linda Cristal 3x5 card  Golden Globe winner for High Chaparral, also in several films $10.00
James Cromwell 3x5 card Oscar nomination for his role as farmer-owner of Babe $12.00
Walter Cronkite 3x5 card CBS News; "Most Trusted Newscaster of All Time" $12.00
Walter Cronkite SP8 CBS News; "Most Trusted Newscaster of All Time" $30.00
Hume Cronyn cut  Actor, husband of Jessica Tandy  $15.00
Hume Cronyn SP8 Actor, husband of Jessica Tandy  $40.00
Eddie Crook Jr 3x5 card  Boxer:  Golden Glove champ, Olympics gold medalist, 1960 $15.00
Bob Crosby 3x5 card  Big Band leader, Jack Benny; younger brother of Bing $20.00
Kathryn Crosby 3x5 card  Actress, author; Bing's widow  $8.00
Norm Crosby 3x5 card  Doubletalk comedian  $6.00
Milton J. Cross 3x5 card Television announcer; Metropolitan Opera $.6.00
Pat Crowley 3x5 card  50's glamour girl ; soaps (Dynasty, Port Charles, Bold & Beautiful) $6.00
Carlester Crumpler BB football Football $6.00
Jon Cryer 3x5 card  TV, movie actor (Pretty in Pink, Hot Shots!, 2 1/2 Men $12.00
Macauley Culkin SP8 Actor, Home Alone $32.00
Robert Culp   I Spy with Bill Cosby  $10.00
Robert Cummings SP7 Movies:  light comedy, 30's-40's; TV:  The Bob Cummings Show   $36.00
Robert Cummings SP8 Movies:  light comedy, 30's-40's; TV:  The Bob Cummings Show   $36.00
Vicki Cummings 3x5 card  Actress:  Broadway, movies   $8.00
Peggy Cummins cut British actress $6.00
Joe Cunningham   Baseball $6.00
Tim Curry 3x5 card British actor, Rocky Horror Picture Show $10.00
Tim Curry SP8 British actor, Rocky Horror Picture Show $45.00
Thomas B. Curtis 3x5 card  U.S. Representative from Missouri, 1951 - 1969  $7.00
Tony Curtis cut Actor, over 120 films, Some Like It Hot, Spartacus  $22.00
Tony Curtis 3x5 card  Actor, over 120 films, Some Like It Hot, Spartacus  $18.00
Billy Ray Cyrus 3x5 card Achy Breaky Heart  $14.00

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