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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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         Category (OTR = Old Time Radio)


Buddy Hackett 3x5 card    $7.00
Buddy Hackett 3.5x5 card $7.00
Gene Hackman 3x5 card
Gene Hackman SP Oscar winner $44.00
William F. Haddock contract
Brett Hadley 3x5 card     
Gus Haenschen P8 w/ cut on back OTR musician, composer, Brunswick orchestra leader, original "Carl Fenton" $25.00
Sammy Hagar 3x5 card Van Halen $20.00
Larry Hagman "baseball card" I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas $14.00
Larry Hagman 3x5 card  I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas $12.00
Larry Hagman SP8 I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas $24.00
Albert Hague 3.5x5 card  Composer, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas  
Connie Haines 3x5 card  Big Band vocalist $16.00
Larry Haines 3x5 card     
Jester Hairston 3x5 card  Henry Van Porter on TV'sAmos & Andy; OTR Bold Venture, movies $15.00
Monty Hall 3x5 card  Game show host $7.00
Ruth Hall 3x5 card     
Tom T. Hall 3x5 card  Country singer-songwriter $6.00
Veronica Hamel SP8 Hill Street Blues $18.00
Donald Hamilton 3x5 card  Pulp mystery writer $10.00
George Hamilton / Peter Falk SP   $40.00
Harry Hamlin 3x5 card
Marvin Hamlisch 3x5 card   $12.00
Marvin Hamlisch SP8   $25.00
James Hampton 3x5 card     
Tom Hanks SP   $80.00
Darryl Hannah 4x6 card
Kevin Harlan 3x5 card     
Joy Harmon 3.5x5 card     
Mark Harmon 3x5 card    $10.00
Mal (Millard) Harmon 3x5 card  World Record Airplane Speed $8.00
Derek Harper SPC8 University  of Illinois basketball, NBA $10.00
Tess Harper 3x5 card
Valerie Harper 3x5 card
Bud Harrelson BB Baseball $6.00
Woody Harrelson SP8   $40.00
Pat Harrington Jr 3x5 card   $6.00
Julie Harris 3x5 card   $12.00
Julie Harris SP   $30.00
Neal Patrick Harris 4x6 card
Phil Harris 3x5 card    $40.00
Phil Harris / Alice Faye     $65.00
Ruth Harrison b/w Alex Fisher page Broadway actress; Ziegfield Follies of 1936
Bobby Hart 3x5 card     
John Hart 3x5 card TV Lone Ranger for one season, when Clayton Moore wanted more money
Mariette Hartley SP8   $16.00
David Hartman SP8 Actor, Newsman $12.00
Lisa Hartman-Black SP8   $18.00
Peter Haskell 3x5 card    $6.00
Signe Hasso 3x5 card   $6.00
Signe Hasso SP   $16.00
Julius Hatry 3x5 card First rocket-driven aeroplane  
Joe Hauser 3x5 card  Baseball, debut 1922 $15.00
Wings Hauser 3x5 card     
June Haver 3x5 card  Actress, Fred MacMurray's wife $6.00
June Havoc 3x5 card $8.00
June Havoc SP   $18.00
Jack Hawkins cut $45.00
Goldie Hawn 3x5 card    $15.00
Goldie Hawn SPC   $45.00
James Hay Jr check; 1915 author, Saturday Evening Post $30.00
Pat Hayden 3x5 card Legendary Auburn football coach
Bill and Susan Hayes 3x5 card husband-wife actor-actress; he sang Ballad of Davy Crockett
James M. Hayes 3x5 card    
Peter Lind Hayes 3x5 card   $16.00
Peter Lind Hayes SP7   $28.00
Linda Haynes 3x5 card    $6.00
Mitzi Haynes      
Lionel Hebert 3x5 card  Golf, PGA champion, 1947 $8.00
Eileen Heckart 3x5 card    $10.00
Louis Hector contract
Frances Heflin 3x5 card     
Van Heflin cut  Oscar winner $32.00
Van Heflin SP8   $60.00
Bob Heft 3.5x5 card Designer of the 50-star US flag $20.00
Bud Held 3x5 card
Marg Helgenberger 3x5 card
Katherine Helmond 3x5 card    $7.00
David Hemmings SP8 Blow-Up star  
Gloria Hendry 3x5 card
Florence Henderson SP   $15.00
Julie Henner FDC
Clarence "Frogman" Henry 3x5 card     
Gloria Henry 3x5 card     
Katherine Hepburn     $130.00
Don Herbert 3x5 card  Mr. Wizard; early television scientist/teacher for kids $10.00
Richard Herd 3x5 card     
Edward Hermann / Blythe Danner 3x5 card Stars of A Love Affair:  The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story  $10.00
Xavier Hernandez BB Baseball $6.00
Anthony Herrara 3x5 card
John Herrara 3x5 card
Barbara Hershey 3x5 card
Barbara Hershey SP8   $32.00
Theodore M. Hesburgh 3x5 card
Howard Hesseman 3x5 card Johnny Fever, WKRP In Cincinnati $6.00
Charlton Heston 3x5 card
Charlton Heston 3x5 card w/ photo
Charlton Heston SP Oscar winner $32.00
Don Hewitt 3.5x5 card  60 Minutes producer  
Walter J. Hickel 3x5 card  US Secretary of the Interior $10.00
Dwayne Hickman 3x5 card  Dobie Gillis $10.00
Dwayne Hickman SP   $20.00
Scott Hicks card
Joel Higgins 3x5 card     
Highway 101
Lise Hilboldt 3x5 card     
Hildegarde 3x5 card    $6.00
Arthur Hill 3x5 card    $6.00
Randall Hill football card Pro Line 1991 - Miami Dolphins $6.00
Arthur Hiller 3x5 card
A.J. Hinch SPC8 Baseball $6.00
Pat Hingle 3x5 card   $6.00
Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch 3.5x5 card  Football $10.00
Don Ho 3x5 card  Hawaiian singer $6.00
Don Ho SP8 Hawaiian singer $10.00
Rose Hobart 3x5 card    $7.00
Joy Hodges 3x5 card     
Dustin Hoffman 3x5 card  Oscar winner $25.00
Dustin Hoffman SP8 Oscar winner $55.00
Dustin Hoffman w/2 others SPC8 With Sean Connery and Matthew Broderick $125.00
Paul Hogan 3x5 card Crocodile Dundee $10.00
Hal Holbrook cut on card  Mark Twain Tonight $10.00
Hal Holbrook 4x6 card
Joyce Holden cut $8.00
"Socks" Holden    Baseball  
William Holden SP8   $170.00
Wilhelmina Cole Holladay 3x5 card  National Women's Hall of Fame  
Eric "Powerhouse" Holland 3x5 card  Boxing Light Middleweight Champion  
Earl Holliman 3x5 card  Police Woman $6.00
Earl Holliman SP Police Woman $12.00
Sterling Holloway 3x5 card  Winnie the Pooh's voice $55.00
Celeste Holm     $8.00
Celeste Holm SP7   $18.00
Katie Holmes 4x6 card
Rick Honeycutt baseball card 1982 Donruss - Texas Rangers $6.00
Bob Hope 3x5 card    $40.00
Bob Hope SP   $80.00
Leslie Hope 3x5 card
Bo Hopkins 3x5 card    $7.00
Bo Hopkins SP8   $16.00
Dennis Hopper SP8.5   $50.00
Hal Hopper      
Richard Horner 3x5 card
David Horowitz 3x5 card    $6.00
Lee Horsley 3x5 card  Matt Houston $7.00
Lee Horsley SP8 Matt Houston $20.00
Jose Ramos Horta 3.5x5 card Nobel Prize winner  
Louisa Horton 3x5 card     
Whitney Houston 3x5 card
Ken Howard 3x5 card    $8.00
Eddy Howard Sheet music    
Johnny Howard      
Tom Howard P8 w/ letter photosig - Ziegfield Follies, vaudeville comedian, OTR host It Pays to be Ignorant $15.00
Vanessa Howard 3x5 card
Bill Howerton   Baseball  
Bobby Howes      
Bernard Hubbard   1930's explorer  
David Huddleston 3x5 card     
Willis Hudlin 3x5 card Pitcher, 1920s-1940's, mostly Cleveland Indians, gave up Babe Ruth's 500th home run   
William Hudnut SP8 Mayor of Indianapolis $6.00
Bill Hudson 3x5 card     
Rock Hudson cut $65.00
Rock Hudson SP8   $130.00
Charles Evans Hughes   US Supreme Court; Republican Presidential candidate, 1916 $55.00
John Hughes 3x5 card     
John Hughes SP8    
Kathleen Hughes 3x5 card     
William Hughes      
Tex Hughson   Baseball  
Mike Hulbert golf card 1990 Pro Set  $6.00
Mike Hulbert golf card 1991 Pro Set $6.00
Warren Hull SP5   $25.00
Ed Humenik golf card Pro golfer $6.00
Engelbert Humperdinck 3x5 card
Gayle Hunnicutt 3x5 card     
Helen Hunt 3x5 card
Lamar Hunt 3x5 card  Tennis star, NFL Hall of Fame $15.00
Mary Beth Hunt 3x5 card     
F? Hunt?      
Jack Hunter      
Kim Hunter 3x5 card  Oscar $10.00
Kim Hunter 3.5x5 card Oscar $10.00
Kim Hunter SP5 Oscar $20.00
Kim Hunter SP8 Oscar $25.00
Rachel Hunter SP8 Model $22.00
Ross Hunter 3x5 card    $18.00
Tab Hunter SP8   $25.00
Elizaabeth Hurley 4x6 card
William Hurt 3x5 card
William Hurt lobby card
Ferlin Husky 3x5 card  Country singer, Wings of a Dove $8.00
Olivia Hussey 3x5 card $10.00
Ruth Hussey 3x5 card    $10.00
Anjelica Huston 3x5 card  Oscar $9.00
Anjelica Huston 4x6 card Oscar $9.00
Will Hutchins   Sugarfoot $8.00
Martha Hyer SP Oscar $22.00

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