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Item key: 

SP = signed photo
SPC = signed color photo
SP3, SP5, SP8 = signed photo 3x5, signed photo 5x7, signed photo 8x10
FDC = first day cover
cut = signature cut from autograph book
page = page removed from autograph book
BB = baseball card (BB golf = "baseball card" for golfer, etc)
* = A scanned 8.5 x 11 photo page is available, and you can order this item framed in a black plastic or wood frame (your choice) for an extra $3.00.

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         Category (OTR = Old Time Radio)


Smoky Dacus 3x5 card  Bob Wills drummer - introduced drums to the Grand Ol' Opry  $15.00
Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe 3x5 card* Doctor who delivered Dionne quints $70.00
Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe ltr Doctor who delivered Dionne quints $80.00
Willem Dafoe 3x5 card Spiderman villain $15.00
Arlene Dahl   1940's-50's actress  $8.00
Bill Daily 3x5 card  I Dream of Jeannie, Bob Newhart Show  $7.00
Abby Dalton SP7 Joey Bishop Show, Falconcrest, The Young & the Restless  $12.00
Lacy J. Dalton "baseball card" Country singer $7.00
Lacy J. Dalton 3x5 card  Country singer $6.00
Michael Damian 3x5 card  Actor, singer, producer; The Young & the Restless  $8.00
Matt Damon 3x5 card Actor; Oscar - Good Will Hunting  $18.00
Bill Dana 3x5 card Comedian, Steve Allen Show, "My name - Jose Jimenez " $18.00
Charlie Daniels 3x5 card  Country singer/fiddler; The Devil Went Down To Georgia  $8.00
Frank Daniels   Anybody know Frank Daniels?   
Jeff Daniels 3x5 card  Terms of Endearment, Dumb & Dumber  $12.00
Marion Daniels   Actress, Gals Inc, 1943 $6.00
? Daniels b/w Kay Kimber page
Alexandra Danilova 3x5 card Ballerina $16.00
Blythe Danner 3x5 card  Stage & film actress, Tony winner, mom of Gwyneth Paltrow  $6.00
Blythe Danner / Edward Hermann 3x5 card Stars of A Love Affair:  The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story $10.00
Harry Danning 3x5 card  1930's-40's baseball player $12.00
Cesare Danova 3x5 card  Italian actor; Cleopatra, Animal House, soap Ryan's Hope  $6.00
Ray Danton SP8 50's Actor; director Cagney & Lacey  $12.00
Arthur Darman vaudeville contract Vaudeville actor, theatre owner  $12.00
Linda Darnell SP8 Pinup actress, My Darling Clementine, Forever Amber  $160.00
Gerard Darrow cut First and best-known star of radio's Quiz Kids $16.00
Laura Dash 3x5 card  Stunt woman, films and television  $6.00
John Davidson 3x5 card    $6.00
Oliver Ford Davies 3 1/2x5 card  Star Wars  $12.00
Ann B. Davis "baseball card" Housekeeper Alice on The Brady Bunch, Schultzy on The Bob Cummings Show $8.00
Bette Davis 3x5 card    $65.00
Geena Davis 3x5 card $16.00
James L. Davis 3x5 card Medal of Honor?
Jim Davis   Garfield cartoonist $45.00
Jimmie Davis 3x5 card Songwriter You Are My Sunshine; Governor of Louisiana $22.00
Jimmie Davis 3.5x5 card Songwriter You Are My Sunshine; Governor of Louisiana $22.00
Joan Davis cut  Early TV comedienne, I Married Joan $28.00
Mac Davis 3x5 card Singer, songwriter $8.00
Ossie Davis     $7.00
Richard Davis   Jazz, classical bassist  $7.00
Storm Davis BB-1983 Baseball $6.00
Storm Davis BB-1984 Baseball $6.00
Bruce Davison 3x5 card  X-Men, Willard $6.00
Pam Dawber 3x5 card Mindy (Mork & Mindy) $7.00
Pam Dawber SP Mindy (Mork & Mindy) $18.00
Marco Dawson BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Dennis Day 3x5 card  Jack Benny singer, The Dennis Day Show $15.00
Doris Day 3x5 card  Actress  $14.00
Laraine Day cut Major movie star of 40s and 50s, Dr. Kildare's nurse, early TV, married Leo Durocher $12.00
Laraine Day 3x5 card Major movie star of 40s and 50s, Dr. Kildare's nurse, early TV, married Leo Durocher  $12.00
Laraine Day SP8 Major movie star of 40s and 50s, Dr. Kildare's nurse, early TV, married Leo Durocher  $28.00
Linda Day   TV director, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch  $8.00
Drew S. Days III 3x5 card  Solicitor General of the U.S. 1993 - 1996; Yale Law Professor  $8.00
Fred De Cordova   Johnny Carson producer; Burns & Allen, Jack Benny director $6.00
Jimmy Dean cut  Big Bad John $7.00
Michael Debakey 3x5 card  Artificial heart inventor; developed MASH concept  $12.00
Dorothy Deborba SP8 Child actress, Our Gang (Little Rascals) $12.00 
Ruby Dee cut  Actress, playwright, screenwriter, director, producer, wife of Ossie Davis $10.00
Lee DeForest Postage stamp, 1x1.5 Father of radio $480.00
Olivia DeHaviland 3x5 card    $28.00
John Dehner cut Radio (Paladin, Frontier Gentleman), television, film actor $20.00
Josephine Del Mar   Filipino singer, dancer, Broadway actress  $7.00 
Tony Del Gatto contract
Del Regis Orchestra   Can't find any info about this band?   
Kenny Delmar page  OTR Sen. Claghorn, many cartoon voices, War of the Worlds $18.00
Kenny Delmar contract Screen Guild radio contract, 1951, US Steel Hour Casanova Brown $45.00
Jay Delsing BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Dom DeLuise 3x5 card    $6.00
Patrick Dempsey 3x5 card  Grey's Anatomy  $8.00
Robert DeNiro 3x5 card Two Oscars $15.00
Robert DeNiro SP8 Two Oscars  $75.00
Robert DeNiro SPC8 Two Oscars $75.00
Robert DeNiro / Sean Penn SP8 Two Oscars/One Oscar  $90.00
Brian Dennehy 3x5 card   $8.00
Charles Eugene Denney 3x5 card President, Northern Pacific Railroad $8.00
Gary Densham SPC8.5
Jack Denton 3x5 card  Milton Berle writer, newspaper columnist, actor who did a one-man FDR show  $6.00
Bo Derek 3x5 card Actress, "10" $18.00
Bruce Dern 3x5 card    $8.00
Laura Dern SPC8
Johnny Desmond page  Big  Band singer, radio's Breakfast Club, actor $6.00
Loretta Devine 3x5 card  Boston Public, Grey's Anatomy, Eli Stone, Dreamgirls $6.00
Danny DeVito SPC Taxi  $35.00
Karla DeVito 3x5 card Singer ("Paradise By the Dashboard Light" with Meatloaf) $8.00
Bruce Devlin 3x5 card Australian golfer, sportscaster, golf course designer $6.00
Bruce Devlin golf card Australian golfer, sportscaster, golf course designer $6.00
Eileen Devlin
Jim Devlin   Baseball - played one major league game $6.00
Frederic DeWilde cut  Broadway actor  $9.00
Billy DeWolfe cut  Broadway, film, television actor  $20.00
Diamond Rio
Cameron Diaz 3x5 card Actress $20.00
George DiCenzo 3x5 card  Actor  $8.00
Little Jimmy Dickens cut Country Music Hall of Fame, May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose $10.00
Little Jimmy Dickens 3x5 card  Country Music Hall of Fame, May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose $10.00
Angie Dickinson "baseball card" $8.00
Angie Dickinson 3x5 card   $6.00
Jean Dickinson SP5
Dena Dietrich 3x5 card  "You Can't Fool Mother Nature" $6.00
Marlene Dietrich 4.25x6 page    $55.00
Terry Dill 3x5 card Golf $6.00
Bradford Dillman 3x5 card    $6.00
Kevin Dillon SP8 Actor $18.00
Matt Dillon 3x5 card
Deborah Dilworth contract
Mark Dinsmore 3x5 card  Auto racing  
Mike Ditka 3.5x5 card  Chicago Bears coach $12.00
Carl Djerassi   Father of the birth control pill, developer of antihistimines, best-selling novelist  
Dominic Dobson 3x5 card  Auto racing  
Lamar Dodd 3x5 card Football owner?  
Chris Doleman SPC8 Football  
Ami Dolenz SP   $18.00
Johnny Dollar SP8 Hillbilly star  
Fats Domino 3x5 card    $22.00
Edwin Donahue      
Eleanor Donahue 3x5 card  Father Knows Best, Andy Griffith $6.00
Troy Donahue cut $8.00
Peter Donald      
Peter Donat     $6.00
Donovan 3x5 card 60s singer, Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow $8.00
Ann Doran 3x5 card    $10.00
Harry Dorish   Baseball  
Sandra Dorne b/w Ralph Truman page British actress
Tommy Dorsey 3x5 card
Donna Douglas 3x5 card
Kirk Douglas SP7   $48.00
Melvyn Douglas cut    $20.00
Michael Douglas 3x5 card   $18.00
Michael Douglas SPC8   $36.00
Peggy Dow 4x6 card
Jeff Dowell?   Early TV actor?  
Robert Downey Jr 3x5 card
Hugh Downs SP7
Jerry Doyle      
Dr. Seuss 3x5 card $125.00
Alfred Drake      
Debbie Drake cut  Exercise $10.00
Larry Drake 3x5 card     
Oliver Drake 3x5 card    
Tom Drake      
Tom Dreeson 3x5 card     
Fran Drescher 4x6 card
Richard Dreyfuss 3x5 card   $12.00
Richard Dreyfuss SP8   $38.00
Dropo / Jethro SP8 Boston Red Sox players $25.00
Joanne Dru cut Film, TV actress, sister of Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall
Allen Drury 3x5 card  Author $7.00
Peter Duchin 3x5 card    $6.00
"Bullet Bob" Dudley 3.5x5 card Football
Arlie Duff      
Howard Duff cut  OTR Boston Blackie $20.00
Howard Duff SP OTR Boston Blackie $42.00
Dennis Dugan SP8    
Olympia Dukakis 3x5 card   $16.00
Olympia Dukakis 3.5x5 card $16.00
Patty Duke TV script   $35.00
Keir Dullea SP8   $18.00
Raymond Duncan      
Sandy Duncan SPCmag   $16.00
Griffin Dunne 3x5 card    $8.00
DuQuaines SP8    
Jimmy Durante cut    $40.00
Ryne Duren   Baseball $6.00
Charles Durning 3x5 card    $7.00
Charles Roc Dutton 3x5 card   $8.00
Robert Duvall 3x5 card
Bob Dylan 3x5 card
Richard Dysart     $8.00
Rawley Eastwick SPC8 Baseball
Clint Eastwood SP   $70.00
Buddy Ebsen 3x5 card    $16.00
Buddy Ebsen SP8 $32.00
Barbara Eden "baseball card" $20.00
Nelson Eddy cut  OTR singer $48.00
Danny Edwards 3x5 card PGA
Ralph Edwards 3x5 card OTR & early TV host $6.00
Samantha Eggar 3x5 card    $7.00
Nicole Eggert 3x5 card
Jill Eikenberry 3x5 card
Jack Elam 3x5 card   $7.00
Jack Elam 3.5x5 card $15.00
Jack Elam SP*   $15.00
Jenna Elfman 3.5x5 card    $16.00
Jenna Elfman 4x6 card $16.00
Tania Elg 3x5 card  Ballet, actress $8.00
Bob Elliott cut OTR Bob & Ray $8.00
Cary Elwes 3x5 card
Charles "Red" Embree   Baseball $6.00
Joan Embry SP   $18.00
Faye Emerson SP7   $40.00
John Emery      
Ralph Emery 3x5 card  Nashville Now $6.00
Roland Emmerich   Film director  
Georgia Engel 3x5 card Mary Tyler Moore $12.00
Woody English 3x5 card  Baseball $18.00
Rene Enriquez 3x5 card Hill Street Blues $22.00
Terri Eoft 3x5 card Soaps:  Search For Tomorrow, All My Children, Another World $6.00
Richard Erdman 3x5 card    
Billy Erickson 3x5 card     
John Ericson 3x5 card    
Carl Esmond 3x5 card
Carl Esmond SPC    
Gloria Estefan 3x5 card  Miami Sound Machine $16.00
Bob Estes BB golf Pro golfer $6.00
Robert Evans SP8
Wilbur Evans
Chad Everett 3.5x5 card  Dr. Casey MD (no idea why he signed a racing card?) $8.00
Edward Everett   Civil War, Gettysburg orator $230.00
Richard Eyer      


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